FBI Set to Track Down Culprits Tagging Anti-Wealth Messages In Rich Neighborhhods

Atherton graffitiSo apparently in recent days someone has been running around in affluent Atherton, Ca  which is near Palo Alto (Silicon Valley) spray painting anti-wealth message ie F– the 1%.. They just announced on NBC News that the FBI is now investigating. The reason why the FBI is investigating is because according to them ‘track all activist groups‘. Read that again.. folks and reflect…

We have all sorts of tagging all over Oakland and other cities, where businesses get hit up, homes? cars? etc.. There was a recent article talking about racial tensions in west Oakland because many doing the tagging are white and many the places getting hit up are owned by Blacks. Point being, it was and continues to be an issue but to date there have been no arrests, no FBI investigation nothing…But the FBI has got a task force to see who was spray painting anti wealth messages in Atherton?? WTF?? And now the FBI is saying ‘yep we tracking all activist groups..’ They’re not even pretending or trying to hide the fact.. I guess that’s a result of folks defending Obama over Snowden and others calling him out for domestic spying.  Now we just kinda expect and accept our tax dollars to get down like that.

An equally disturbing issue is the message FBI involvement sends which is the laws and government work for and respond to, the rich and powerful. A couple of weeks ago someone spray painted the side of a building across the street from my home. What was painted on the wall was massive in the sense that it covered the entire height of the building which stands about a good 25-30 feet.  There was no FBI involvement as to who defaced the building. In fact the building owners were told they needed to paint it over or face fines for blight…

Wonder what the FBI will say if they discover the culprit is someone who lives in Atherton and is a son or daughter of a 1%er… One also has to wonder what groups the FBI is tracking to find out who was tagging rich homes? Is this an excuse for them to do more domestic spying? Should any of us who are members of organizations avoid any and all conversations about wealth disparities lest we become suspicious to the FBI? Will the FBI be on the case if someone spray paints something bad about the poor. What if someone heads on over to a poor neighborhood and spray paint on one of the buildings  ‘Get a Job you Lazy Bums’, will the FBI be tracking groups like the Tea Party?

Here’s a suggestion.. How about the FBI track down bankers who may live in Atherton who did fraudulent foreclosures and help tank the economy? I Just Sayin’


  1. this is disgusting.. maybe if they put all that effort into getting rich………. they might be that 1% http://goo.gl/tpwbQR

    • YouMustBeReallyStupidAndIgnorantOrSomethingToHaveSuchAStupidOpinion says:

      The whole idea is that it’s a broken system, and you don’t get rich by working for it but by being born into it. Someone a long time ago may have worked for it, maybe they got lucky, but the effort put into the work people in the top 1% do is not proportionate to the money they make. opportunities in life are parcelled out randomly at birth. Quit being ignorant dickwad.

    • It’s that easy for you isn’t it? Even better they should just click their heels together and say “There’s no place like the 1%”. The claim that “if you work hard [smart, throw in random positive adjective], you’ll be a part of the 1%” is just bollocks. If you know anything about econometrics, you would know that social mobility has become close to impossible in America. There are people that are working hard, smart, and squeezing blood from rocks. And despite this, they will never make it to the 1%. Why? Because the system is rigged.

      Are you going to tell me CEOs deserve to be paid 1000x what their employees make? No reasonable, sane person can justify this, without resorting to hyperbole and rubbish.

      Clam you are either part of the scam or you are ignorant. You should just “clam” up. No one want’s to hear your opinion: not because you telling them some truth they don’t want to hear, but because you are ignorant of the world around you. It is insulting to those that do work hard, and know the system is broken to hear this tired, old, discredited bulls**t.