5 Thumbs Down to KRON TV for their Misleading Report on Oakland Sideshows

Side shows OaklandSo yesterday KRON 4 News decided to do some cheap underhanded sleight of hand BS during their segment People Behaving Badly..where they focused on Oakland Side shows.. They lead into the segment with Pam Moore announcing they have ‘shocking new video’ and then reporter Stanley Roberts Kron kicks off the segment by describing Oakland as the Wild, Wild West.. From there viewers are treated to this ‘new’ ‘shocking’ footage..Only problem is the new footage is from 1-2 and maybe even 3 years ago..

KRON gives no context to videos to let you know if folks are from LA and other far away cities which many of the sideshow footage on YouTube clearly show..

Even though KRON ran a notice at the top of the screen that says courtesy of YouTube it was shown for less than 3 seconds while they put the KRON logo over the videos and make it seem like a reporter was actually out on the turf interviewing a young man shown in a year old video holding a gun that he shoots in the air..


This side show footage shown on KRON is damn near a year old

This side show footage shown on KRON is damn near a year old

KRON cuts that part out and leads viewers to believe that at any minute serious drama is about to jump off…We don’t know if the young man is from Oakland.. We don’t know if he’s still around since the video is a year old. We don’t know anything except KRON tried to make it look like they were the ones who did the on the spot interview vs his homie whose voice they cut out in the report..

We don’t even know why this young man was holding a gun or not too concerned about being seen on video. My take is when your friends are filming you, you’re not too concerned vs when a news reporter is filming you and intends to show it on the evening news..

KRON also doesn’t give you the context of him hanging with a number of his friends in his own neighborhood. Instead they show quick cutaway of a woman walking by looking at her cell phone and offer their own explanation about how jaded and shocking it is that she’s not alarmed by dude holding a gun..They imply that this woman was an ‘innocent bystander’ navigating the mean streets of Oakland in the ‘Wild, Wild West’ and she was in mortal danger. A quick look at the original footage shows that the woman is hanging with the crew and even gets in one of the cars.. She wasn’t ‘all into her cell phone’ as  reporter Stanley Roberts asserts.. She was using her cell phone to film the cars like everyone else.

In the back you can see the 'innocent bystander woman hanging out with the crew at the sideshow

In the back you can see the ‘innocent bystander woman hanging out with the crew at the sideshow

KRON misleads viewers by juxtaposing a relatively calm and uneventful scene with footage from other sideshows that were ‘turnt up’, including age-old footage where revelers throw bottles at police cars. The scene shown reminded me of the time when folks were throwing bottles at police cars in SF after the Giants won the world series. Maybe KRON should’ve shown that since they were using 2-year-old footage anyway it could’ve added to the sense of drama and mayhem..

They edit one video on top of the other so you feel like all hell is breaking out and it all went down over this past weekend. Here’s the original clip that KRON jacks to make it look like their own.. You can see the interview about 5 minutes in..


With all that being said, while KRON was busy letting you know how ‘Oakland was Behaving Badly’ by showing 2-year-old side-show footage, they neglected to head on over to SF and show how our own US Senator Diane Feinstein is behaving badly by sponsoring a bill that would essentially legalize and give the President even more power to collect data and spy on us.. It’s called the FISA Improvement Bill and was subject to a worldwide protest that involved millions this past Tuesday..

Why didn’t KRON’s Stanley Roberts bring a camera to the Senator’s office and show her bad behavior and talk about her deep pocket connections to the defense industry that seems to sway all her decision-making?

Why didn’t KRON bring camera’s over to Feinstein’s husband Richard Blum and ask him why he’s leading the charge to privatize the US Postal Service and how he’s getting lucrative government contracts to sell off Post Offices all over the country??

Elders fighting the Ellis Act in SF...

Elders fighting the Ellis Act in SF…

Why didn’t KRON bring camera’s over to the SF’s DA’s office this past week where folks like Lisa Tiny Gray-Garcia of Poor Magazine were confronting unscrupulous corporate backed landlords and showing how their abuse of the Ellis Act in number of instances violates state law is a form of elder abuse?? They are pushing the DA to press charges.. Maybe Roberts should be covering that vs showing year old footage and passing it off as new…You can read the story Poor Magazine did on that ran in the SF Bayview here–> http://sfbayview.com/2014/the-crime-of-ellis-act-evictions/

Lastly I hope some of our esteemed council members like Lynette Gibson McElhaney,  Libby Schaaf and Desley Brooks among others push back on KRON for such a misleading report..This is not to excuse reckless behavior. There are lots of people in Oakland trying to improve things as evident by this past weekends packed out Black Male Achievement Hackathon.. what needs to be checked is reckless news reporting…5 thumbs down for KRON on that one..


  1. You’re an idiot. You can’t even write in an grammatically correct manner (why so many extra periods?) for anyone to even take your article seriously.

  2. The interviews and sideshows are all from around the Bay Area the videos are from a sideshow movie that can be found in bay are stores it was released about 2008 or 9

  3. Fuck the news always talking badabout oakland but not other crimes in the bay buy oakland this oakland that.

  4. Oak-touwwwwwwwn! says:

    Shame on KRON! Everyone knows Oakland’s streets have been safe from vandals randomly shooting into the air for “damn near a year”… We all know the sideshows have stopped, the streets are safer than ever and everyone stopped throwing bottles at cop cars back in 2011. KRON needs to change the segment to “People who used to behave badly, but that was a while ago. Hey look…they are closing down post offices!”

  5. tanja baker says:

    interesting timing – my guess KRON News is showing this now to get the public to support the Domain Awareness Center !!

  6. It might be true that they overdid it with the old footage, but you can’t deny that this does happen and it simply needs to stop. There are too many people getting getting mugged, jumped and harassed daily in Oakland and it simply can’t be ignored. Why worry on Obama and his spying mission or everyone’s hunger for power over one thing or another. Let their greed for power destroy them and instead let us focus on policies that might actually bring some change to our communities. Politics are just distractors to keep you attention away from what is important.

    • No excuse for doing a misleading story..U do the work and tell the actual story period with context..

  7. Sounds like you’re falling into the congnitive dissonance separation explanation. Clearly there’s a problem in Oakland, time to stop burying your head in the illegally dumped trash on the road. If you’re that jaded to not see it, perhaps the writer needs some sociological counseling…

    Historically, Carmine always said the Sopranos are nothing more than a glorified crew.

    The Quality and news worthy stories aired on Kron and the lack of in depth sincere covearge is what sparks me.
    3 Recent Examples this Month FEBRUARY 2014

    #Feb17: Police Brutality Fatalkity Mortal Kombat Alameda Sherri f Officer killing a San Lorenzo 60-year-old David Goins,is his own home point blank by two officers when the victim was armed with a bat. These
    highly trained cops can not aim for the hand
    A baseball bat is a smooth wooden or metal club used in the sport of baseball to hit the ball after it is thrown by the pitcher. By regulation it may be no more than 2.75 inches in diameter at the thickest part and no more than 42 inches (1,100 mm) long. Although historically bats approaching 3 pounds were swung,[1] today bats of 33 ounces (0.94 kg) are common, topping out at 34 ounces (0.96 kg) to 36 ounces (1.0 kg. But Yet they Shoot

    Ongoing: Police Brutality By Bay Area Police: Andy Lopez , . 15-year-old José Luis Buenrostro-Gonzalez, Mack 27″Jody” Woodfox III & 20-year-old Andrew Moppin the killer hector jiminez Hayward Police recent String of Killings past few years.
    Oakland Police date back historically from .
    Respect Law Enforcers who Maintain Order in a moment of chaos, But Every Killing should be held accountable. Too Many Police Kill citizens with no proper justification and get away with it.

    #Feb11 Oakland Sideshow: Richard Hoefer ‏@richardSFO #Feb13 I watched. Think you’re seeding fake outrage. The vid that loops was posted to YT 3/13 but u just getting to story?

    # Feb20 Brian Stow Verdict:
    Texas Rangers reliever Frank Francisco hurls a ball-boy’s chair into the crowd of Oakland Athletics fans during a melee that erupted in the ninth inning, on Mon September 13, 2004 at a Oakland A’s Game, Frank Francisco didn’t get 8 years in Prison. The Poor Lady Hit wit the Chair got paid well and her Husband a Hayward Fird Dept chief Retired Very BUENO..
    But May Brian Stow please Recover well. Their is no recording or National American Video of Brian Engaging the Defendants first. I pray for Brian Stows Fast Recovery. God Speed.
    96 Nostalgic Frank Ocean / Jerry McGuire Voice.

    Historically, KRON 4 is nothing more than a glorified NEWSPAPER crew.
    Plain and simple. Decapitate and DO business with whatever’s left.
    They got redundant in upper management, half the crew drunk & say f ck luvin . take ’em out, absorb the whole fuckin’ thing
    Let me tell ya a couple of six thanGs: Forget William Randolph Hearst Forget Roger Ailes , Forget Rupert Murdoch Forget Popeye the Sailor Man , forget Donald DeFreeze who goes over to SoCal in 74′ and never comes back, forget Patty Hearst,

    Aaron Pero has no respect for this thing.
    Stanley Robert never been in on Air in the front seat. Prime Time. not really.
    Grant Lodes Here’s a guy who steps over everyone and grabs the big seat, his Girlfriends Co Anchor.

    Listen to me. They make a news story about anything and everything over there. And the way that they do it, it’s all fucked up. Reporters like Stanley Roberts Air trashy sympathy edited ‘Clips that should be air once a week at most, not every day3x +. . There’s no sword and gun on the table…
    No, either it has meaning or no meaning. the Stanley Roberts thing, the Station harbors a Snitch.
    It’s tru
    Five fuckin’ Families and we got this other pygmy thing over on Van Ness… There’s no scraps in my scrapbook… Make it happen.