People Stay Alert as the Jordan Davis Trial Starts Today in Florida

Jordan Davis**Update*** The trial has already started with Michael Dunn pleading NOT GUILTY for the murder of Jordan Davis.. Guess he’s hoping it plays out the way it did for George Zimmerman..

Hope people stay alert and pay attention to the latest Stand Your Ground Trial in Florida which starts today.. This involves 17-year-old Jordan Davis who was shot and killed by a 46-year-old white man named Michael Dunn.. This killing took place 9 months after Trayvon Martin was killed..Jordan was unarmed and sitting in a car with several friends when Dunn who isn’t even from Jacksonville where the incident took place demanded the teens turn down their music..

According to Dunn, the teens complied but then turned the music up and an argument ensued.. Dunn claims one of the teens reached under his seat like he had a gun so he shot 8 times into the car where the 4 teens were at, killing Jordan Davis… According to Florida’s Stand Your Ground Law, the person who is shot does not have to have a weapon, he only has to look like he has one….

The mother of Jordan Davis notes that her son was like her shadow and was scared after Trayvon was killed. She had a number of talks with her son as to what he should do if confronted with someone determined to shoot him down… Sadly he was gunned down before he could even get out of harms way..

Meanwhile closer to home we had yet another teen gunned down over the weekend along with a 35-year-old man he was walking with as they left the Boys and Girls club here in Oakland..This was not a case of stand your ground, but sadly another case of unchecked nihilistic behavior, which gets highlighted on the nightly news and convinces all the stops must be pulled to contain, eradicate and suppress young Black males who are perceived as frequent perpetrators and the overwhelming majority of victims…


  1. Seems to be a good indicator..when someone approaches you and starts questioning you or demanding you do their will. They seem to have this surge of confidence that having a loaded gun can give you. If in Florida stand your ground mean the person you shot has to appear like they have a weapon. By that way of thinking…if a group of guys listening to music in thier car and someone comes over demanding you turn down your music in your car…you can be perceived as the agressor and appear to them as someone who can do them harm. Let it be known..tray on was asked what he was doing there…by someone bent on following him and provoking him irregardless of being told not to. That man in the theater…who was bent on telling some one to turn off their phone…and this. People will just start shooting at the moment you come out your face and tell someone to turn down a radio,turn off a phone or follow them and question them for anything.

    Fact of the matter is…none of these idiots would’ve said anything or have been motivated to confront these people if they didn’t have a gun! You clearly knew what you were doing and your hiding behind that law. It goes both ways…you look like your gonna threaten me…your gonna appear like you had a gun and get shot yourself! It’ll probably happen because that’s the example they have set for others to follow!

    • Eric Fuentes says:

      I’d say the problem is not with guns themselves, but with people. The second ammendment safeguards our right to own and carry a weapon. The purpose of the second ammendment is not so much about guns really, as it is about power. If people have guns, then the people, not the government, have the power. That is the perspective with which the second ammendment was created. Unfortunately, we have too many stupid, unbalanced, and macho people walking around with guns who don’t know how to use them or when to use them. The 2nd ammendment assumes people are smart and responsible, which time and time again, they are proving that they are not. Nobody will know really the true version of what happened that night, as it will most likely be a “his word versus their word” type of defense and Mr. Dunn still has the presumption of innocence. Should the language of the “Stand Your Ground” law be modified to state that the “defendant showed reasonable cause to escape and de-escalate the situation before resorting to force”? Perhaps. What happened occurred in a blind spot in our justice system and without knowing more facts, I will refrain from making a judgement.

      • seriously? teenagers were shot while sitting in a car listening to music, after being approached by a guy with a gun in his hand who did not like their music. what part of this is unknown? this 46 year old drunk idiot, should have simply driven his car to his hotel and left the music behind. the teens were there first and the man summed up his sentiments right when he arrived “I HATE thug music”….translation, let me get out of my own car, take a gun and then go threaten the teens and after shooting them, claim self defense. he deserves the maximum sentence.

  2. it s time something be done about the killing’s of our young Black youth’s

  3. Joel Hildebrandt says:

    “Stand your ground” means open season on black people, because some will always see black youth as a “threat”. And the media reinforce that.

    • Exactly! One thing that bothers me is the lack of community participation and the “back door” process in which these laws are formed and implemented. Very few people knew about this so called “stand your ground” law until the Trayvon martin case. When I did my research, I found that a group called A.L.E.C came up with this law. A.L.E.C is a right-wing conservative, non-profit organization whose members include lobbyists, corporate reps, lawyers etc.

  4. This is not a Stand your Ground case. It is a first degree murder trial. You should have a fact checker. You lost credibility on my first visit to your site.