A Un-Aired Superbowl Ad that Recognizes Humanity While the NFL Refuses

Native American womanThis commercial which will not air during today’s Superbowl says it all.. This country while celebrating the hype around athletic prowess still has a yearning desire to stay rooted in hatred, racism and the legacy of genocide. The owner of the Washington DC’s NFL team and the owners of the Washington Post Newspaper under the guise of maintaining tradition refuse to recognize the humanity of a people even after they been informed time and time again they are being marginalized and disrespected with the continued use of name  that’s offensive.

‘Redskin’ is an offensive term even if they can drag up some Native person which the team owner Dan Snyder has done in the past who says its ‘ok’, thus justifying his continued offensive actions. I seen program directors at radio station do that to justify playing songs with the N word or allowing their deejays to utter such words.. They find someone Black who says its cool and then use that as political and social cover for an egregious offense…

Not all traditions were good traditions and in a date and time where people have platforms to speak for themselves and its been made clear for the past several years that Native Peoples are not mascots and we should move onward and upward and not do backwards azz things like use pejorative names for our sports teams..




  1. THANK YOU!!!

  2. The number of Native American mascots hadn’t hit me till I listened to D-Knowledge there. Some things seem obvious once someone points them out. I checked to see whether the Atlanta Braves still go by that name and they do. Their mascot appears to be Homer, Chief Noc-A-Homa. The Pentagon. is also in the habit of naming complex weapons, particularly airborne weapons, after tribes. http://stewmagnuson.blogspot.com/2010/09/army-tradition-of-naming-aircraft-after.html?showComment=1391464941460

  3. That’s deep. Thanks for sharing.