Here’s a Dope Afrocentric Remake of Lorde’s Hit Song ‘Royals’

Maimouna Youssef tiltLove this song from Maimouna Youssef (Mumu Fresh ) who hails from Washington DC. She does an incredible job covering this song ‘Royals‘ by Lorde which recently just won two Grammys for Best Pop Solo Performance and Song of the Year.

What stands out about this version is how she flips up the words and chorus and goes hard at the the concept of elitism. and reminds us that we are already Royal..  She does a rap verse that especially is potent, reminding us she’s a dope emcee as well as a gifted singer.

Most should find this remake of Royals’ to be quite uplifting.. The song will be featured on an upcoming mixtape… For those unfamiliar with this sista, you may wanna check out some of her past work in particular the album called ‘The Blooming’

Maimouna YoussefMeet Me In Brazil’

Maimouna YoussefThe Blooming


  1. Daaaaaammmmnnn! Love her. This is ***** all the way. Thank u!

  2. I absolutely love this remake. I hope she releases it as a recording. She did THIS one! Love her spirit, story, and voice.

  3. Amer F. Ahmed says:

    So glad that folks are learning about the great Maimouna Youssef…she is a sister to support…

  4. Joel Hildebrandt says:

    Me and my New Zealand friends are spreading it around here. Which is where Lorde is from btw. We really like it!

  5. unknown trials says:

    a breathe of fresh air!! love it


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