Doe B is Killed.. Young QC Kills His Mother We Must Stop the Culture of Death

Doe BReading about this young brother from TI‘s Hustle Gang crew Doe B who got killed after doing a show in Montgomery, Alabama along with a 21 year old college student named Kim Johnson.. She was an innocent bystander who was killed by way of a stray bullet…Such things happen so much, that these cease to shock or even sadden folks.. People do the obligatory RIP shout outs and remark about how the streets is mean and life ain’t fair and keep it moving as if nothing ever happened….Sooner or later we are gonna have to come to grips that we are collectively engaging a ‘death culture‘.. and just like we say no to rape we are gonna have to say NO to premature death amongst our peoples.. We cant ignore this forever..What makes Doe B’s death even more tragic is that one of the people responsible for killing him, had a long standing beef with him.

The word around down is that he was envious of Doe B’s rising success. Even more troubling is the second person responsible appeared in Doe B’s video ‘Let me Find Out’ holding a gun..You can see him about 11 seconds into the video.. The song itself was one about thugging and killing.. It leaves one asking is this art imitating life or life being reflected in art?

Young QC

Young QC

Since we are talking about ‘death culture‘ here’s more for us to ponder.. Consider the story of this rapper named Young QC out of Chicago who was just arrested with 2 friends for the murder of his mom. According to the reports he was out to collect her insurance money. I’ll let folks sit with that for minute u can read about that –>HERE

Below is a video of Young QC making iot rain with his mother’s insurance money

This tragic incident is coming from the same city where a popular artist named Chief Keef who is signed to major record label (Interscope/Universal) to the tune of 6 million has proimised to raise the murder rate with the release of his next album and sadly has two deaths connected to beefs he’s been associated with…U can read about his corporate deal–> HERE

Chief Keef

Chief Keef

You can read about Keef’s assertions about raising the murder rate—>HERE

The point being made here is that Black death is big business, its institutionalized and in many ways its a major form of entertainment ..If you’re an artist getting even a couple of million for a record deal, it’s not because you have ‘Black fans’..Its because your music and art is appealing to everyone else outside the community…

In other words simply ignoring and not listening to the music is not enough. The enabling and rewarding of corrosive behavior is something we need to address.. There will always be fools among us. My question is who is empowering those fools and who is standing in the way of us coming together to chart a new course?

Lastly we should know this extends beyond ‘rap’ as noted about the close ties of music and drug cartels You can read about that –> HERE


  1. stopping the culture of ignorance, will stop the culture of death.

  2. Eh, whatever, all these people who coddled young black people for the last 20 years are getting what they deserve. You made excuses for why young black men were performing so poorly, excuses for why the prison-industrial complex (which is obviously real) was justification for people not doing basic things like waiting until marriage to have children, and this is what you get. A bunch of dummies walking around killing one another for absolutely nothing. And no, meaningless blog posts and random “days of non-violence” won’t do anything about it. Keep letting white people tell you what’s important (it’s gay marriage now!) and keep getting left behind like simpletons.


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