3 Dope Songs from Medusa The Gangsta Goddess

medusa-gangstagoodess-225Every once in a while I feel compelled to do my duty as a productive citizen and generously give back to the community. Sometimes I volunteer my time. Other times I give money. Still on other occasions I give sound advice.

Today I wanna take some time out and give some sound advice to anybody who is an aspiring artist as well as to those who have been around the block a few times. My heartfelt advice to you is as follows: If you happen to be booked for a show and the promoter has you coming on AFTER this LA based artist named Medusa… DO NOT DO IT.

Have your manager re-negotiate your contract, but do not go on stage right after her. You may be able to get by if they let the deejay play an hour long set or something or you have an artist like KRS-One performing alongside you… Maybe if you’re a bit sadistic and like pain, then following Medusa might be the thing for you to do. This woman is not to be followed.

Below is a quick run down of the Gangsta Goddess from a recent article in LA Weekly

Medusa was born twice. The self-described gangsta goddess of hip-hop was first born in the city of Los Angeles, and then spent her childhood in Pomona and Altadena. After a yearlong stint in prison almost 15 years ago, she was reborn ? creatively, spiritually ? in the heart of the legendary Good Life Cafe/Project Blowed hip-hop scene in Leimert Park, where shes lived for more than a dozen years.

A stalwart on the local music scene with her collective, Feline Science, she’s perhaps best known for her womanist anthem, ‘Power of the P,’ as well as for a high-velocity live show that she performs regularly at Temple Bar and Club Fais Do-Do.

She’s appeared in a slew of hip-hop documentaries, acted onstage and had a large part in the HBO prison drama Stranger Inside. With three different projects tentatively set to drop this year, she’s on a career high.

MEDUSA-Choclet Giddy Up


MEDUSA-‘Next Sensation’


MEDUSA-‘Know Thyself”


MEDUSA-‘Pimps Up (Live Freestyle)’


MEDUSA-‘Cali Frame’