3 Dope Songs From Exceela -Pure Russian Excellence

ExceelaExceela, formerly known as Anna Exceela  hails from Vladivostok, Russia. Her name means Excellent in Russian although started out using the name Exxy. It was under this name that she actively recorded tracks, took part in battles, mixtapes and compilations, as well as performing at various events. Subsequently a nasty experience with a man, acting manager of the performer, spelling the name Exxy was registered as a trademark, and after all the working relationship with the representative she was forced to give up her name.. That hasn’t stopped her as she now uses the name Exceela

Anna was born in Vladivostok, March 22, 1987. Her love for hip-hop first appeared back in 1998 thanks to a local radio program about hip-hop, which is constantly fueled interest in the culture.

She attended 4 secondary schools, graduating with a good certificate. She later entered the Faculty of Journalism at Palo where she penned a thesis on Hip Hop called Hip-Hop is the Place to Be’. That later appeared on the website portal www. rapvladivostok.ru which chronicles Far East Hip Hop.

In October 2009, she released her first official release called- mixtape “Dirty Sexy” (Hosted by Drago. Mixed by DJ ICE!) . In October 2010, Spock TV & Mixoid Moscow shoot video for the track One Life” feat. Skaya .

Anna Exceela – On line


Anna Exceela & MarQ Markuz – Dance


Anna Exceela feat. Skaya – Одна жизнь