Cynthia McKinney Speaks on the Legacy of Nelson Mandela

My condolences to the family and loved ones of Nelson Mandela and to the people of the Republic of South Africa and all of Africa. I had the opportunity to meet Nelson Mandela on several occasions. It is true that he was a transformational leader;

I also visited Robben Island and saw the prison where he lived and worked and the cell in which he was incarcerated.
Mandela’s is a very moving journey, one that carried the dreams and aspirations of an entire nation and world of people ready for change and alleviation of suffering. And to all of us who work for the day that oppression is a phenomenon unknown to humankind.

-Cynthia McKinney-

Cynthia McKinney redWe had an opportunity to chop it up with former Congresswoman and Green Party Presidential candidate Cynthia McKinney about Nelson Mandela and his legacy. She talked to us and explained why he was a transformative figure. We talked about his long friendships with Libyan Muammar Gaddafi, Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat and Cuban leader Fidel Castro and the key roles they all played in helping Mandela get free and Apartheid to end..

McKinney noted that the US government along with Israel put up major roadblocks at every step of the way to hinder the African national Congress and Mandela and that should not be forgotten..

She talked about the contradictions of Gaddafi being killed and Obama who led the charge for regime change in Libya speaking at the memorial.  We also talked about Winnie Mandela and why she is not only forever linked with Mandela, but why she is important in her own right..

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