Port of Oakland Truckers are Set to Strike.. Here’s our Intv Breaking down the situation

Oakland Truckers Strike

We talked with independent Oakland truck driver Isaiah Thomas about the plight of independent truckers who use the Port of Oakland and the wretched conditions and harsh mistreatment many have to endure.

For starters they are being forced to spend up to $80k to modify their expensive trucks. They are made to sit with engines idling for up to 6 hours to load and pick up a delivery when its been shown and proposed that time could be more efficiently used by the Port companies.

The cost of gas and other expenses incurred for operating a truck runs on average 6-7k a month, not counting the new payments they will have to make for truck modifications. The independent truckers have banned together to form Port of Oakland Truckers Association (POTA) and after having exhausted just about every option, which includes meeting with Oakland Mayor Jean Quan to meeting with Port officials to going before California Air Resource Board (CARB)

The Port of Oakland Truckers are set to strike 6 am ..Wednesday Nov 27 2013..

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