Sunspot Jonz of Living Legends Speaks About New Film ‘Isis Dynasty’

Sunspot Jonz

Sunspot Jonz

We got a chance to catch up with Sunspot Jonz of Mystic Journeymen and front man for Living Legends to talk about his latest venture. Many have long know Jonz as a dope emcee who has put out countless albums and helped personify what it means to be an independent and corporate free within the music arena.

Not too many, know Sunspot for his work in education and his work as an accomplished film maker.  He had long been writing screenplays and had attracted quite a bit of interest for some of his projects. He also was behind the cameras for the Living Legends video ‘Now You Know’ . He also did a short called ‘Resin‘. and a documentary about the Living Legends called ‘Street Legendz‘. He also did a film called ‘Dreamweaver‘ which has yet to be released

Sunspot’s love of film was one of the factors that led to him leaving his native East Oakland for LA. The goal was to bust down the doors to Hollywood. In our recent interview he explained that unfortunately, many of the stereotypes and pitfalls that we’ve heard about La La Land  manifested themselves, which led him employing the DIY ethos that made him successful within music.

This new film Isis Dynasty is the product of a film company called CorFat he founded with co-director Fatima Washington in 2010. It’s about the challenges facing a young woman who has 30 days to make it in Hollywood . If features some well-known actors like; Faizon Love (Couples Retreat, Friday, Who’s Your Caddy), Golden Brooks (Girlfriends, Beauty Shop) and Paula Jai Parker (Hustle & Flow, She Hate Me, Friday). Jonz will also be starring in the film, putting his acting chops to the test…

Below is our Hard Knock Radio Interview with Sunspot Jonz

Click the link below to download or Listen

Click link below to download or Listen


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