Obama & His Supporters Are Going All Out to Make War w/ Syria a Reality

Melissa Harris Perry

Melissa Harris Perry

Yesterday I watched Melissa Harris Perry on her MSNBC show look into a camera with a straight face and run this argument about how we the public are frequently wrong about our decisions to oppose rushing off to war.. She gave a historical overview dating back to World War II and talked about how the public was opposed war back then but decades later it would be hard to find anyone who would argue that entering into World War II was the wrong thing to do..

Perry then paints a picture of how America prospered after WWII and how things were all rosey…After that she magically leaps over public opinion about various other war and threats of war efforts from the Korean War to Cuban Missile Crisis to Vietnam to Grenada etc to talk about how the public came out and supported Bush’s rush to war and got that wrong..

Hence she implies the pattern is such that even though 51% of the public polled is opposed to bombing Syria, we are probably wrong on this as we were during WW II.  If I hadn’t seen this and then re-saw it on the clip I posted below would’ve thought one was lying if they told me Ms perry did this.. To say the least this was ‘fascinating’ to watch and gravely disappointing she took such a ‘hawkish’ position..

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So apparently this looks to be the new Obama talking point: Tell the people; ‘yes the public is opposed to war but the public is often wrong’ .. And to underscore this talking point we now have this compilation of footage already floating around the internet that’s been repackaged by the CIA and presented to members of Congress and local newscasts as ‘new footage‘ showing dead bodies and children gasping for air as a result of chemical weapons.

Here in Cali Senator Diane Feinstein got one of these repackaged films and personally called local Bay Area TV stations asking them to run it so the public can see what’s ‘really’ going on in Syria.. MHP referenced this footage on her show  and asked what are we gonna do about this atrocity, as if the only answer is to bomb Syria..The footage shown below is similar to what we saw on local newscasts last night and what’s in the package being shown to members of Congress.


You can link here to see the actual repackaged version


After Melissa Harris Perry’s  history lesson  one of her guests syndicated columnist Bob Franken said if we don’t do anything we are giving up our position as the world super power and we will sink further in world standing because of upcoming sequester cuts..His remarks seem to imply that  ultimately US actions are not about saving lives it’s about saving money, saving face and maintaining prestige..

Another MHP guest Michelle Bernard, a political strategist was using her ‘strategy’ to tell us that President Obama was always a ‘dove’ while former secretary of state Hillary Clinton was a ‘hawk‘, implying that somehow our President who is a frequent user of drones which are considered tools of terror around the world, to the tune of at least 300 times in Pakistan alone, was ‘reluctant’ to come to this bomb dropping position on Syria he’s pushing…

Racist People are suspicious of President Obama, with or without a hoodie

President Obama is being depicted as a reluctant warrior in this Syrian Crises

Obama has been pretty decisive even as a candidate about using pre-emptive strikes and violating laws by using drones on foreign soil without permission or knowledge of the government in that land. He said he would do it as a candidate and he’s been doing it as president. The only regret President Obama seems to have is that his decision to bomb Syria might bring about a political backlash including impeachment hence he’s being depicted as a sympathetic figure.

What we should be clear about is that President Obama is going all out to make this bombing situation happen. This is his biggest push since his Healthcare Initiative.. That’s how important bombing Syria is to President Obama..Imagine if he went in this hard to bring about Peace?

Bernard in her remarks attempted to amp up the ‘outrage’ by noting; ‘yes the children being gassed are bad, but what’s really bad are the rapes that are also happening. She leaves of us concluding that the US must intervene to stop the rapes..Talk about pulling emotional chords.

Let’s be clear folks.. Children being gassed are horrific, indefensible actions. People being raped are horrific, indefensible  actions. No one with half a conscious wants to be attached to any of this, but before we go running off to the missile launchers to bomb Syria ask yourself what role are we as individuals supposed to play to stop such horrors directly and indirectly? We must challenge ourselves as to what roles we play directly and indirectly in the facilitation of rapes and children being killed not just in Syria but in other areas around the world.

Are we outraged about child soldiers?

Are we outraged about child soldiers? Enough to give up our cell phones & laptops?

For example, take a place like the Congo where an estimated 6 million people have been killed over the past decade and hundreds of thousands rapes and the deaths and maiming of thousands children are taking place routinely to ensure we have access to precious minerals that are used in our laptops, smart phones and other electronics.

Such atrocities continue in spite of the amendment put into Dodd Frank Protection Act which many had no idea about or even cared that in theory would push for companies to be conflict mineral free. Many say that amendment is weak and full of holes. Do we care or did it serves as a nice excuse to avoid dealing with a harsh reality and our collective conscience?

Genocide continues to this day in the Congo. Where’s our outrage  and national debate both in Congress and amongst ourselves calling for it to end?  Many are quick to talk about international law and how it needs to be enforced around the use of chemical weapons but are nowhere to be seen about the use of child soldiers which number in the hundreds of thousands used on the front lines in the Congo conflict.


We must ask ourselves where is the outrage and what is our responsibility about all the Black people being raped and tortured by the racist rebel forces that we supported who took over Libya? Why is that not even talked about? Why are we not talking about the fact that many of those same brutal rebel forces in Libya are now among the rebel forces in Syria?


If we are and should be upset about rapes as noted on this MHP Show, then ask yourself, what’s our thoughts about Egypt? Are we demanding Congress stop funding folks over there knowing that it was less than a month ago our collective conversation was on the drama unfolding  including widespread reports of rapes? That is still going on. Have we forgotten or did we think that all those problems somehow got resolved overnight in time for us to have this debate about Syria?

White Prophorous GasIf we are to be upset and down to go on the offensive for the use of chemical weapons, what’s our take on the use of white phosphorous used on Palestinians in Gaza in 2009 by Israel? Was there a call to bomb her or did we as a country ignore it?  Or did the US find ways to work things out diplomatically?

In recent days since this contradiction in policy and subsequent action was pointed out the government of Israel has been on a PR tear sanitizing what took place and insisting that media outlets no longer call white phosphorous chemical weapons. Yesterday the UK Observer which is owned by the Guardian agreed to Israel’s demands after what was described as a ‘degree of give and take’.

All of us have to wrestle with our own decisions and moral compasses about what atrocities we will jump up to fight and which ones we will ignore? As I asked in previous articles; are we upset that 100 thousand people have been killed in Syria including tens of thousands of children or are we upset that certain types of weapons that fit a strict definition that deem them chemicals were used?

In other words, if Assad had simply shot, stabbed, drowned, used white phosphorous gas or perhaps used drones like we do in the US, resulting in 1400 people dying would there be a debate in Congress or would it be business as usual for most Americans? Is this really about the use of nerve gas or something else? Does it matter that England sold Syria the key materials sodium fluoride used to make chemical weapons?  Think on that for minute..

We should be very careful about jumping into a civil war..The so called rebels in Syria are not a bunch of sign waving beleaguered college students who are being pushed around.. They are armed, well-trained professional militia types fighting other armed and well-trained militia types over who will control a country..There are lots of forces both inside and outside the country vying for power..Caught in the middle are folks who have no peace at all from either side..Whoever wins does not mean an end to oppression for the average person on the ground.. That’s not a discussion being held..Talks about peace and how we can at all cost find a diplomatic solution were not emphatically discussed both on MHP show and in other circles where pundits are telling us that what the public thinks about War is often wrong..

Lastly there are hundreds of Syrians who live here in America.. What I saw yesterday were 5 people on MSNBC talk about bombing a country and why the public is somehow ‘wrong’ to oppose war without any Syrians to speak for themselves.. I like folks like journalists Faria Chideya and Michelle Bernard seems nice, Same with Bob Franken? and former congressional rep Patrick Murphy but are they from Syria? Have they been there? Stay woke people, Stay Woke 24/7!!!

You Can’t Bomb the World into Peace..Power to the Peaceful


In the meantime here’s a Syrian-American we recently interviewed named May Alhassen whose immediate family is still in Syria. In our recent interview she was candid about how she is opposed to US Intervention.. and how her family in Syria is divide on this issue for a number of reasons…She’s a seasoned journalist who perhaps should’ve been on that panel.. Peep out what she has to say.. http://bit.ly/15II78b


  1. So the US, which has either used &/or been complicit in the use of deadly toxins & WMDs multiple times against civilians since Hiroshima & Nagasaki [IE nerve-gas, napalm, agent orange, white phosphorus, DU, etc], everywhere from N.Korea, Vietnam, Iraq, Libya, etc, etc, etc- Now wants to bomb Assad for an ‘alleged’ [= based on dubiously suspect accusations] use of Sarin [FYI: Sain’s active deadly ingredient is FLUORIDE! – the same fluoride used in drinking water & tooth-paste]!

    The US, UK, France, Turkey & the Saudi-GCC cabal could have ended the blood-letting last yr by endorsing Kofi Annan’s cease-fire plan & cutting a deal w Russia to agree to stopping arming & reigning in their ‘FSA’ AL-CIAeda linked rebel-mercs if Russia stopped arming Assad & persuaded him to stand-down. But the fact is the US-NATO-GCC cabal did NOT want a cease fire & then O-Bomber drew his so-called ‘red-line’ in the sand, as a pretext to Bomb, bomb, bomb Iran [humm that’s Syria].

    What HELL kind of humanitarians think spending BIG $$$ to go ‘bombs away’ is ‘humane’- yet these same ‘usual-suspect’ HYPOCRITES have NOT / will NOT spend any real money &/or effort to alleviate the refugee crisis caused by their geo-poly-trickal machinations???

    Yes 100,000 killed in Syria over the past 2.5 yrs is truly tragic, but lets put it in real perspective. First of all it’s estimated that 40% [= 40,000] of those killed are pro-Assad forces, while about 20% [20,000] are ‘FSA’ rebel-mercs. Thus about 40% of the total are civilian deaths- which likely about half [20,000] Assad’s forces are responsible for & the other half likely should be blamed on the ‘FSA’.
    – By comparison FUK-US NATO’s bombing campaign in Libya in combo w their unleashing a racist lynch mob in Libya cost between 50,000 – 100,000 lives in just 8 months [1200 in just one day during FUK-US NATO’s all out bombing assault on Tripoli]. And the chaos is still on-going- spilling all the way into Mali.
    – In the US EVERY YR- There are almost 20,000 deaths due to gun suicides, – 40,000 deaths due to traffic accidents [about 12,000 – 13,000 of those are DUI vehicular homicides], 15,000 homicides [11,000 by gun], & an astounding 450,000 deaths from smoking [50,000 of those do NOT even smoke themselves but die from 2nd hand smoke]. Again these death-tolls are EVERY Single YR!!! Yet the US, which can’t even figure-out how to cut-down [let alone eliminate] these preventable deaths, some-how thinks it has the Imperial Right to bomb Iraq, Af-Pak, Libya, SYRIA, [up next Iran], based on some phony BS ‘R2P’ rationale [= pretext]???
    And RE: Rape: We don’t even have to go to Syria, Libya, Iraq, or Congo, etc- to be outraged about Rape. It’s been {under}Reported that there’s at-least 20,000 – 25,000 rapes / sexual assaults [not even counting sexual harassments] in the US’ own MILITARY Every YR! So the US’ military which can’t even deal w a huge internal rape crisis within its own ranks, is never-the-less going to prevent rapes in Syria, without even having to put boots on the ground no-less??! HUHH-WTF??! Melissa H-P & Michelle [Bachman- humm that’s] Bernard must be out of their damn minds or think we the people are!!!

    Then Michelle{‘Bachman’}Bernard claims that O-Bomber is a ‘dove’ & Hitlery / Killary is a hawk??? Then why the hell did O-Bomber make Billary / Killary [‘I came, I saw, He died- Ha, ha, ha’] Clinton his Sec of State!!! And she’d still be his Sec of State if she weren’t prepping the ground for another POTUS run 2016!!! Killary along w Sue{‘Condi’}Rice, & Sam Power = O-Bomber’s ‘3 [‘R2P’] Witches of MacBeth’ RE: Libya, Yet O-Bomber just promoted Killary’s other 2 ‘girl-friend’ ‘partners in {war}crime’!!!.
    It’s getting so Repug NeoCON Chicken {war}Hawks may be easier to stomach than Dim ‘cruise-missile’ ‘liberals’ [whether Black or white]- at-least the NeoCONs are less hypocritical about their real poly-tricks!!!

  2. I have not been following the syria thing.. But I know we be in everyones business except our own. So many homeless right here and we ready to jump to war in countries half way across the world

  3. ok #18

  4. If Obama had to lead his troops into battle, war would be his last option #trust

  5. Ohhhh, he’s such a man of peace our beloved Uncle O…sending bombs to Syria. How nice…maybe he will get another Nobel Peace Prize for his courageous efforts….SYKE!!! No, really, where is the world going in 2013? After all the countless unnecessary deaths from wars past, people still think that violence is the way to go. And next week the big story will be something new…like Miley Cyrus takin her clothes off (god help us). Society is collapsing further and further. Keep up the good fight DD. When will we learn…T.H.U.G.L.I.F.E…THE HATE U GAVE LIL INFANTS FKZ EVERYBODY.

  6. thing is ALL the CIA operatives who left LIBYA after the U.S overthrew Gaddafi & came directly to SYRIA in 2011 and now in 2013 when the CIA trained “rebels” are loosing the war to the Syrian Government the U.S wants to step in… its “too little too late” … u have a Syrian Government trying to protect its interest by fighting off rebel …picture this… US GOv vs Occupy Wall street Protestors and a Foreign country comes in to help the Occupy protestors on us Land… American Colonization

  7. I just hope its the right thing to do you know


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