Rupert Murdoch Unleashes a Vicious Media Attack on Black Folks Over Stop & Frisk

Rupert Murdoch

Rupert Murdoch

For some this headline and accompanying picture will come as no surprise. What can you expect from the New York Post? It’s always been a trash newspaper designed to prod people and get them upset, angry and fearful. Maybe Australian born Rupert Murdoch who owns the paper did this because of the recent killing in Duncan, Oklahoma of the Australian baseball player..

Perhaps this was his way of striking back to what he perceives as a racially charged wrong doing..  Or maybe he never stopped to realize that the longer you use media outlets to plant seeds of discord which he and his Fox media empire do everyday at every moment, that you will eventually have to face a dumbed down uncaring, angry at the world public..

Instead of fostering dialogue Murdoch seeks to end it and get people to be at odds with one another. He wants his publications to be the modern-day versions of Birth of a Nation film maker DW Griffith, whose destructive work of stereotyping and dehumanizing of Black people led to the rise of the Ku Klux Klan who were heroes in this movie,  mass lynchings of Black people all over the country and eventually race riots.

The layout including the picture of Madonna and her grill are quite deliberate and designed to ratch up more fear of the ‘Black male menace‘ who according to Murdoch, the New York City  council sided with when they voted to hold  NYPD accountable for Stop and Frisk. Expect a massive campaign from Murdoch and folks in the media who think like him to sensationalize and highlight every wrong doing by anyone Black to the point, that people will be begging to reverse yesterday’s vote against Stop and Frisk. Character assassination, negative, dehumanizing media depictions have impacted killed more people than guns ever have or will..

We should also remind folks, with a big mayoral election right around the corner, this is also Murdoch’s attempt to sway voters, by getting them to vote for candidates who will continue support fascist policing policies

On a side note, this week Al Jazerra America just launched and for many who are seeing it it has been a welcome change from the news we normally see here in the states. People like the news stories and the ethnic diversity shown on air. They also like the fact that the people being highlighted are not cheerleaders and paid pundits for particular political parties.

The campaign against AJAM is that they are run by Muslims who are gonna try and covert everyone to Islam and call for Jihad. Xenophobic backwards thinking people are upset that a foreign company is running the media. Sadly those same folks seem to forget that Murdoch is a foreigner and so is his Fox Media empire. But I guess if your white and foreign then its ok..

And yes, for those  who are wondering, I’m well aware in many parts of the world that state run Al Jazerra is just as problematic for some the same way Fox is. But how they squelch dissent in their homeland of Qatar is of little concern to the xenophobic folks objecting to them here in the US..
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  3. Re: Murdoch’s paper– bizarre, and unduly provocative output by Mr. Murdoch’s media outlets. NewsCorp also owns the Wall Street Journal now, right?