NY Mayor Michael Bloomberg Takes Issue w/ Kendrick Lamar’s ‘King of NY’ Remarks

michael-bloombergIt’s hard to say for sure what Kendrick Lamar really intended when he dropped his wicked verse on Big Sean‘s Outta Control, but weeks later all sorts of folks continue to get into the act.. There are thus far over 30 responses with luminaries such as basketball coaching legend Phil Jackson weighing after being name checked.

Over the past couple of weeks there have been heated discussions both on radio and all across the internet about whether or not Kendrick’s verse even warrants all this attention..

As was noted in previous posts on the subject, the most controversial line in that verse was Kendrick claiming to be ‘The King of New York”. That rubbed many the wrong way and has been the motivation for many of the responses to the West Coast based emcee.

One thing about New York City,  is folks do not like anyone who is not from there disparaging the city. Folks may recall back in the days when Death Row Records was in full swing, Snoop Dogg along with the Dogg Pound decided to do video to their song New York, New York. They depicted Snoop and others knocking down buildings or sitting on top of them. Not only did a set off a firestorm including a immediate song and video response from Mobb Deep,  but when word got out they were filming, angry New Yorkers showed up and started shooting.


With respect to Kendrick Lamar, he has been feeling a lot of heat from proud New Yorkers. For him things just got real when New York’ ‘s billionaire Mayor Michael Bloomberg issued a response. He too wasn’t appreciative of what Kendrick had to say and let it be known. He reminded Lamar as well as fellow New Yorkers, how the city is run and who is really in control in spite of the Outta Control verse.





  1. Hahahahaha! The best response so far!

  2. Wow…Bloomberg responded

  3. Bloomberg is ice cold

  4. burrr cold breezy ahead

  5. Only 1 King Of N.Y. Christopher Wallace R.I.P.

  6. All these replys lets you know just how hot his verse was! Cause if it sucked nobody would care. These NY cats are in they feelings!

  7. DirtySouthHipHop Rules New York! #UOENO

    • Uh, actually, No! Between Rick Fawlse losing his Reebox deal & Jay going Platinum BEFORE being released, I must have missed the memo.

      • Does giving away a mil pre bought albums really count though? I mean if thats what hip hop is these days then so be it. I guess anybody with enuogh money can buy up they own stuff and go whatever. Thats no points and any real hip hop fan will same the same.