3 Dope Female Emcees Who Should Respond to Kendrick Lamar’s Outta Control Verse

female-emcees-psoterlightI know everyone is still talking about the verse heard around the world uttered by Kendrick Lamar on Big Sean‘s Outta Control song. Since then damn near everyone has offered up a response from Papoose to Joel Ortiz to Lupe Fiasco to B.O.B. and everyone in between. Most took issue with Kendrick claiming he was the King of New York. Others objected to him suggesting he would lyrically ‘murder’ them..He ignited something  and everyone was put on notice to step their game up..


Unfortunately whats’ missing in all these exchanges are the voices of some of our sisters.  Ideally it would’ve been nice to see some of the better known emcees like a Jean Grae, M.I.A. MC Lyte, Nicki Manaj, Lil Kim, Medusa etc respond to Kendrick but he didn’t name check ’em  like he did everyone else.. Perhaps Kendrick avoided saying the names of these female emcees because they really would’ve cut him down to size…Maybe the self-proclaimed  King of New York should be replaced by a a Queen..

Here are 3 female emcees along w/ 3 honorable mentions who should respond to Kendrick and let him know what time it really is…

Nitty Scott MC

Nitty Scott MC

Many people got hip to Nitty Scott MC when he amazed folks during one of the BET ciphers..She put folks on noticed by letting them know ‘mamma was home and cats better get their bars up and their flows right’..

Since then she’s rocked a bunch of songs  and as far as many of us are concerned, she’s killing it.. Yes indeed Nitty needs to jump in the outta control fray and send Kendrick home without his crown..

Nitty ScottMC Bullsh#t Raps‘..


Now in all fairness maybe Kendrick didn’t call out Nitty because he had done a song with her and already knew she could bring heat if tested..

Nitty Scott MC  w/ Kendrick Lamar ‘Flower Child’


Snow Tha Product

Snow Tha Product

Snow tha Product lives in Texas but originally hails from the Bay Area-San Jose to be exact. When she raps she always on beast mode letting everyone know that got flows and rhymes for days  designed to chop folks up..

From what I gather Snow is constantly being tested because of her gender, her ethnicity (she’s Mexican)  and because she’s not from one of the big cities like LA or NY and rolling with a big baller type clique. As a result its been easy for some to write her off only to find that she responds with serious heat. It’s obvious that Snow has no intention of backing down to no one..

Lately she’s been making noise doing songs with artists like  Tech N9ne,   Trae thsa Truth and Lupe Fiasco.. She’s also one of the few females emcees scheduled to grace the stage at Rock the Bells. It’d be nice to see her jump in the fray and put Kendrick on blast…

Snow Tha Product ‘Holy Sh#t’


Snow Tha ProductUnorthadox

Farrah Burns

Farrah Burns

Farrah Boule Burns is one of my favorite emcees who could easily go Outta Control against Kendrick and do it with seven different personas as shown in the video below..Her wordplay is nice. Her flows diverse as she lives, eats and drinks Hip Hop 24/7.. The only crown Kendrick will be holding is the ones to replace his teeth after she lyrically knocks them out…Do not sleep on this sista..Nas didn’t as he recently shouted her out for this remake of his song.. She is definitely a Queen in New York..


I Love the way Farrah flipped rhymes over this classic jam…


***Just as I put this  article out, folks pointed me to Sa-Roc  and Alyssa Marie who both responded directly responded to Kendrick.. Sadly this got by me, but its not too late to add theirs song to this article.. So peace to Sa Roc for holding it down big time and peace to Alyssa Marie and shame on me for missing them both.




Honorable mentions…

Ruby Ibarra ‘Game Up’


STaHHr Noire


Narubi SelahHookless



  1. Rapsody.

  2. DOPE!!!!!

  3. Toni Blackman

  4. This article is weak….really?

    These rappers need to be responding to white supremacy!

    • obviously u didnt listen to any of the rappers showcased.. 4 of the 6 do raps specifically agst white supremacy.. two of them were featured in the Final Call newspaper.. One has Minister Farrakhan in their rap.. what are u talking about?

      • Im talking about the reasoning for why they should respond to Kendrick Lamar….for what?

        • Since those artists have already and continously responded to white supremacy as u suggested, why not? Rap can still be competitive and fun and a place to improve and test skillz.. and at the same time why not use his challenge as a way to highlight other gifted artists?

          • Rap can be competitive and fun..I do enjoy that aspect. But it is corny to make a name for yourself from answering someone who said nothing to you. That might get you beat up on the streets. I think only those who were name dropped in the rhyme should be the ONLY ones with a response.
            If a rapper want to make a name for themselves, show your skillz the tradititional way…make a relevant song and make it dope. Dont jump on a response bandwagon. There are way more important topics for rappers to jump on…especially female rappers.
            Black people dont have too much longer..we’re being moved against!

  5. Cool

  6. Fire! ZULU!!!

  7. Hottest womyn rapper LADY G DA REAL DEAL! Aka Gizzle …….if u have t heard of her it’s because she’s a ghost ……..writer !! Y’all Need to get up on it

  8. Sha-Mecca – Control (Ladies First) Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W6vSVsnCbcI

  9. what about Chrissy B???? check her out at http://www.reverbnation.com/chrissyb1 if yall missin that real hiphop