Russell Simmons Apologizes, Working w/ Harriet Tubman’s Family to Do Documentary

Russell SimmonsSo two days ago music mogul Russell Simmons shocked the world when he announced that him and Dreamworks and a number of other media partners had formed a new movie company called All Def Digital... A few hours after that announcement Russell then tweeted that folks should peep a new project that he found ‘hilarious’. That project was a ‘sextape diary’ of freedom fighter Harriet Tubman..

In what was deemed a parody with the actress playing Harriet Tubman,  dressed up to look like Aunt Jemima. Tubman is shown seducing her slave master while another slave hiding in the closet films her having wild and wanton sex.. She then is supposed to Blackmail the slave master unless he allows her to run the underground railroad..Needless to say folks flipped out and went after Russell like there was no tomorrow..

Within two or three hours Russell had all copies of the video removed and has since been apologizing. Yesterday he sat down with TV One’s News One Network to explain his position. You can peep that story at

Russell also announced that he has since been in touch with descendents of Harriet Tubman, personally apologized to them and agreed to work with them on a documentary about her life..Below is the News One Interview..

As Russell gets underway with working on this documentary, folks may wanna familiarize themselves with Harriet Tubman and the Underground Railroad.. Here’s a couple of pieces that folks may find helpful..

Here’s a documentary on Harriet Tubman called Quest for Freedom


  1. Ok people it’s ok to laugh sometimes. Geeez.

    • Kia: Mass rape of black women (in the North as well as the South) didn’t stop until Jim Crow stopped (approx. 1965, when I was born). I would like to believe “Kia” is a fake white pretending to be a black female. SHUT THE HELL UP. Some things AREN’T funny!!!!

    • Safisha Hill says:

      Laugh…nothing is funny about the enslavement of African people for over 300 years…nothing is funny about the brutal raping of African GIRLS and WOMEN… in fact ANY WOMAN for that matter..Harriet Tubman risked her life to lead hundreds to freedom. Sadly so many people are ignorant when it comes to the history of the African in America….if you think this is funny…I invite you to look at some real photos from history…that you will not find in the textbooks that have to believe Abraham Lincoln was a great emancipator…..go to, and see what African people living in America faced AFTER chattel enslavement had ended.

      • Michèle RenéeMichele says:

        Thank you for sharing the withoutsanctuary site. Agree… folks/media need to stop glorifying Lincoln for his ulterior motives. He was no saint of an emancipator.

    • Kia your stupidity or Rusty’s ignorance is nothing to laugh at.

    • Kia; there is an appropriate and inappropriate time for everything; for example (excuse the analogy but it should drive home the point), would you find it an appropriate time for laughter while you are being sexually assauled or otherwise viciously brutalized?

  2. What an idiot IMO…Krush Groove was a long time ago. This dude is acting more like Blair Underwood’s character out of the film Posse.

  3. The Wikipedia article about Ms. Tubman is a Featured Article, “considered to be the best articles Wikipedia has to offer, as determined by Wikipedia’s editors”. It’s got lots of good information, and I can vouch for its sourcing, since I wrote most of it.

  4. The man is sick, but the illness is not limited to Russell. We must understand the conditions over time that created this aids like illness that has affected so many African descendants. He knows the hype, at what ever expense will send to some sort of attend he believes he cannot get otherwise. There’s a lot of money out there for those who see cultural genocidal acts as a way of doing business. A quote from Harriet Tubman “I freed a thousand slaves I could have freed a thousand more if only they knew they were slaves.”

  5. There was nothing funny about what he did. Apology? He should have known better. I’ll listen to what Harriet Tubman’s relatives say. But frankly, I’m remembering what Harriet herself said:; to paraphrase “I could have freed more if they’d just known they were slaves.” Simmons doesn’t know he’s a slave because his lips are too surgically attached to the mammon (money) on massa’s ass.

    As far as I’m concerned, there isn’t anything he can do to undo what he did. What is it that stupid unconscious rappers / moguls cannot learn from the true rappers who came before them?

    I mean, didn’t we just go through this dumb sh*t w/ L’il Wayne’s ignorant ass disrespecting Emmett Till – and by default all AFRIKAN people? Now here comes Russell Simmons disrespecting Harriet Tubman, all AFRIKAN people, AFRIKAN women in particular.

    Were they born stupid, or do they practice?

    • I feel the same way.Serious2020. I would not be interested in any documentary he produces. The CEO’s of all those companies that formed All Def Digital with him would not allow a Jewish or Caucasian historical figure to be disrespected. It is the same as when Mountain Dew collaborated with tyler “the jackass” creator. The white owned companies will gladly throw money to these no talented imbeciles because they know the sell outs are going to once again make a mockery of black people. It is another way to dumb down black people and Rick Ross, Lil Wayne and Rusty are the puppets

  6. Wayne Jude says:

    Many Americans are not aware that slavery did not end in the U.S. until the 1950s. Slavery had gotten so bad during the Great Depression that President Roosevelt and the Congress passed a new law outlawing slavery just before World War 2. Roosevelt thought that Germany and Japan would use the fact that there were African American slaves in American as a justification for the crimes against humanity they were committing. PBS: SLAVERY BY ANOTHER NAME (also a book)

    Stephaniej – America did not start prosecuting white men for raping African American women until 1975. So you were about 10 years old. It was a big deal when they started doing that.