NYPD Storm Home Looking for Wrong Man-Result? Innocent Father of 8 is Dead

photo credit: Panther 1619

photo credit: Panther 1619

Earlier this week a judge ruled that the controversial practice  of Stop and Frisk violated the constitutional rights of individuals and that New York City police would have to be monitored and the tactic would have to be retooled.

An angry Mayor Michael Bloomberg along with NYPD Commissioner Raymond Kelly held a press conference that to say the least was shocking and out right appalling.. Words can’t begin to describe the arrogance. But to sum it up Bloomberg who once called NYPD his private army, claimed that NYPD was saving the lives of Black and Brown people and that his cops needed to be intrusive as a way to stop future crimes even if 90% of the people they engaged were innocent..

He basically concluded that his police have done no wrong, he didn’t want them wearing cameras and that while its true many are afraid of the police, he said it was a cultural thing and that’s basically too bad..

Raymond Kelly although not stating this at the press conference had previously noted that the young teens his police most frequently stopped, needed to have a healthy concern (‘fear’) that the police at any given time may step to them..Peep the press conference below..

HKR-stop and frisk press conference


Carlos Alcis

Carlos Alcis

Having a fear of the police is a goal.. It’s important to keep this in mind as you read this tragic story of police in Brownsville, Brooklyn where NYPD quite frequently conduct Stop and Frisk.. Here a father of 8 named Carlos Alcis  was literally scared to death when police erroneously raided his home looking for man wearing red shorts who punched a girl in the face and stole her cell phone..

The victim had a 16-year-old son who was asleep at the time and wearing red shorts.. Police woke him up, made go outside to be identified. He wound up being the wrong guy,. Police then returned inside the home and began ransacking the  place looking for ‘evidence’ even as the victim of the crime said he wasn’t the guy.. An upset and shaken Carlos Alcis began questioning  the police and then dropped dead..

Police then made the son perform mouth to mouth resuscitation on his dying father. The police then went door to door in rthe building looking for the suspect. It was something out of storm trooper horror movie. Here’s how the NY Daily News breaks this down..

Outraged loved ones say a Brooklyn, N.Y., father of eight was scared to death — literally — after cops swarmed his apartment while searching for someone who slugged a woman and stole her cell phone.

Carlos Alcis, 43, dropped dead Thursday from an apparent heart attack as his helpless wife and four of his children protested the fruitless intrusion in Brownsville, relatives said.

Compounding the tragedy, cops asked Alcis’ 16-year-old son Emmanuel, whom they rousted out of bed and wrongly suspected of being the thief, to help perform CPR. The family also claimed it took nearly 30 minutes for an ambulance to reach their Rockaway Parkway home — just blocks from Brookdale University Hospital…

The paper goes on to also note..

Emmanuel Alcis, who was wearing red basketball shorts at the time, said he was in his bed when a cop shone  a flashlight in his face.

“They took me out to the backyard. They asked a girl, ‘Is that him?’ She said, ‘It’s not him,’” said Emmanuel, who was allowed to go back inside.

He said his father suddenly collapsed and started shaking. The teen said police continued to search the apartment, checking under beds and piles of clothes — even as blood started coming from his father’s mouth. He said an officer finally checked his father for a pulse, then asked him to blow air into his dad’s mouth as they started chest compressions.

May needless to say are just stunned, especially on the heels of a ruling that also came down last week where police in the Bronx would not be indicted for killing Ramarley Graham who unbeknownst to him, was followed by NYPD who suspected he had a gun. Police busted into Graham’s house and shot him to death in front of his grandmother and little brother and never found a gun. But somehow the profiling and lethal encounter was deemed justified…

In this case police busted in the Alcis’ house and are now trying to claim they were let in, in spite of neighbors counter claims and pictures shown in the Daily News of the busted lock.. We’ll wait to see how Mayor Michael Bloomberg and his police commissioner justify this latest horrific mishap  by NYPD..They’ll probably say the young son shouldn’t have been wearing red shorts..

It’s hard to not read this story and then recall Bloomberg’s dismissal of concerns about people being scared of the police. many may also be left wondering, since when did NYPD go door to door in an apartment building looking for a cell phone..


  1. fyi Ramarley Graham was killed in front of his grandmother not his mother

  2. These wer corrupt criminal cops! These were criminal officers who broke into “Carlos Alcis” House! Just bc they knocked on the door doesnt give them permission to invade and break an entry! These NYPD Brooklyn cops are pathetic piglets who deserve to get fired and thrown into prison for breaking an entry murdering and harassing an innocent citizen in his home and scaring him until he died! These police had no legal authority to even be in this mans home! the guy was asleep and the cops didnt even knock on the door! They then broke the door down lied on there report and covered up the video proof of there corruption! Wake up NEw media and citizens! Sue the corrupt NYPD and Bloomberg GANG of criminals! Wake up before more cops like these go on killing rampages of citizens across America! Oh wait they already have! Last month alone over 10 citizens have bee attacked raped and murdered by AMERICAN POLICE OFFICERS! Wake up and put these murdering cops into prison for breaking an entry and scaring and harassing “Carlos Alcis” to death! WAKE UP NEW YORK CITIZENS! MARCH THE STREETS AND KICK BLOOMBURG AND NYPD OUT OF NEW YORK! They pass illegal laws against civilians but they let cops break the law that citizens will be thrown into prison for! WAKE UP!

  3. FTP

  4. too bad we don’t support all victims of police brutality, because I know a few….

    • I actually do
      Im connected to many others that are as well. Look us up on fb “California’s deadliest cops” “whistleblower cops” and justiceforernest that currently has almost 7000 followers.
      California statewide rally taking place October 22nd at the state Capitol in Sacramento. We’re making changes and making history. Have a good night.

  5. Don’t like it, DO SOMETHING! If you don’t, start licking butts and calling it ice cream. You don’t get to complain while doing nothing.

    • People try to do things all the time. It’s hard to when our rights are being taken away, we have no privacy and no rights to even begin to attempt. It’s not as easy as just saying, “Let’s riot against the NYPD,” obviously.

  6. Please join the fb page whistleblower cops. Its a page dedicated to encouraging good cops to stand up to the corrupt. We’re also having a statewide rally in Sacramento California October 22nd at the state Capitol to bring awareness and demand action against these corrupt cops.

  7. Wayne Jude says:

    Stop and Frisk is a system developed and tested over the years by the apartheid state of Israel. This is the system used against the Palestinians. The Israelis stop and frisk thousands of Palestinians at check points across the West Bank and Israel every day. Mayor Bloomberg and many Jewish politicians in N.Y. City know exactly where it came from. It makes it possibly for Whites and Jews to walk the streets freely why African American, Palestinians, Hispanics and people of color are under constant harassment and assault. This is the same old white supremacist system that was in force in South Africa and the U.S. That is where the Israelis got it from.


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