Clear Channel’s KMEL Unceremoniously Fires Popular Bay Area DJ Chuy Gomez After 20 Years

chuy gomezBay Area residents are waking up this morning, shocked and saddened to learn that after 20 years, popular long time, Bay Area fixture Chuy Gomez was unceremoniously let go from radio station KMEL..the so-called ‘People’s Station‘.. There was no Good-Bye to the listeners.. No on air thanks you for his years of hard work..There was no going away party..  Gomez came in yesterday and was basically shown the door..All he got was a  ‘Peace out‘..

For those who don’t know, Chuy was very well liked, always down to make room on his show for folks and pretty damn good at his job…But sadly Chuy works for Clear Channel and industry trades have been talking for weeks about how this Bain Capitol owned media empire owes billions of dollars and that they would soon be doing massive cut backs, further consolidation and a lot more smoke and mirror tricks like voice tracking on air deejays who are made to pretend they are in your market while prerecording shows in other cities.

Internally Clear Channel employees are finding their pocketbooks being hit.. Those who make ‘too much’  find their salaries or benefits are reduced or their duties vastly expanded to the point of being overwhelmed as they are made to take on the jobs that were once handled by 2 or 3 people.

Others are simply replaced with thirsty, naive folks who are willing to work for super cheap wages. This is happening at stations all over the country. Some say that’s just the way radio works. Others say its simple exploitation. Looks like longtime radio vet Chuy got caught in that chopping block..

Now because of Chuy’s talent and popularity its anticipated that he’ll land on his feet somehow someway. After 20 years its assumed that he got a halfway decent severance package.. The video he posted on line suggests he’s good..

What’s problematic is that listeners who have literally grown up to him are left hanging. For tens of thousands of listeners Chuy is their favorite personality. He wasn’t your prima donna jock who would only go out in the community when paid. He genuinely likes people and has always made himself available. He comes from the school of radio where its about building community.

But sadly the public airwaves where such relationships are supposed to be fostered are disrupted by wealthy bankers who now own many of these big radio outlets and are determined to make money at all costs. This has resulted in many markets have syndicated morning shows..

Kevin Brown

Kevin Brown

So for Bay Area listeners in the past 2 years they have lost 5-7 iconic long time radio personalities. Folks are still reeling from KGO which was number 1 for over 30 years. An out of town company Cumulus came in and got ride of everyone from Ray Taliafero to Gene Burns.. Folks were devastated..

Next Bay Area fans were dealt a blow when long time jock Cousin Kevin Brown who was on KBLX for a good 20 years was fired, new station owners found it was cheaper to bring in the syndicated morning show from Steve Harvey. This change happened last year resulting in thousands being deprived of local flavor and engagement on their favorite station.

3 thousand miles away in New York City, folks are dealing with last week’s mass firing of all the popular social justice deejays that were on WBAI including the legendary Gary Byrd.  Many of those jocks like Chuy were near and dear to the hearts of their listeners..

Back in the Bay Area, prior to Kevin Brown being let go, , popular morning show host Renel was let go and replaced by syndicated host Tom Joyner. Listeners were outraged and stopped listening to the station in droves.. Joyner was eventually let go and Renel brought back..Many are wondering if lightening can strike twice as thousands of people have been posting on line that they have no intention of listening to KMEL ever again.. Will a boycott of the station work??

Complicating all this are the new PPM rating systems that operate in such a way that all it takes is two or three people to switch stations to mess up a station’s standings. This has resulted in many stations ignoring the wishes and concerns of the majority of listeners to hone in on those very few who have the devices.  Stations live and die by those handful of PPM device holders.

Many deejays especially those on urban outlets have been encouraged not to get too controversial or make waves on a political tip for fear of offending those few with monitoring devices. Hence the controversies that are frequently brought up tend to be around celebrity gossip which have been deemed safe… So if one has to choose between talking about the outrage over the Zimmerman verdict or a police shooting versus Kanye West beating up a camera man or Kendick Lamar housing someone on a song then the latter choices will more often than not be made.

Chuy Gomez flyerAs for Chuy Gomez, after 20 years just about everyone has a favorite story or memory. For me, I recall when Chuy first came to KMEL and was doing evenings with Rosary..Their show was dope.. Those were fun times.

Before that, I recall Chuy being sidekick to a deejay named Mancow Muller who banked off Chuy and got all this credit for a stunt that Chuy actually pulled off with his homies.. Many will recall when Chuy stopped traffic on the Bay Bridge so he could get a shave.. He was imitating then President Bill Clinton who at that time, famously held up airplane traffic to get a hair cut.. The story made national news with Mancow taking all the bows and getting all the credit resulting in him getting a multi-million dollar contract for a radio station in Chicago. Chuy not too long after left then rival station KLYD, came over to KMEL and got busy..

There are tons of stories folks can tell about Chuy..As noted he is good at what he does and hopefully he lands on his feet elsewhere.. With his departure, it’s truly the end of an era.. Sana G who we know from doing middays and blows things up on the gossip tip will now be doing mornings.

Ideally people should be pushing for media outlets that responsive to community needs from being responsive to the local artist community to be accessible and informative around pressing community issues above and beyond a few PSAs..

One thing that was challenging was that when Chuy would interview guests who had info about the community they would sweat him if they appeared before 9 am when everyone was listening or or he kept them on for ‘too long’.

At other times he would get in trouble and even suspended for speaking ‘spanglish‘ on the air.. The management didn’t want listeners getting confused with KMEL’s once rival station and now sister station KYLD which targeted Latinos..Behind the scenes in cities where  corporate outlets own multiple stations the audiences are studied and carefully carved up by ethnicity in a colonizing type of way with little room for going out of your lane to appeal to others even if you are of the same background.

There is so much that can be done to improve these outlets, so hopefully wherever Chuy lands its a place where his talent is respected and has much more freedom.. Bay Area listeners deserve that..Perhaps they will get together and throw Chuy a proper Goodbye Party since Cheap Channel aka Clear Channel didn’t have the decency and respect.


  1. Thank you for the article. I have completely stopped listening to KMEL. I’m disgusted to see how they would dismiss a great DJ. He desreves better.

    I wish Chuy they best and can’t wait to see what he does next. He was a fun and positive person to listen to in the morning…

    Definatrly s great loss for the Bay

    • Danny Gomez says:

      I agree!!!! I will follow where ever Chuy may land.. I know Chuy all my life on the
      air and off the air and he will find a new great gig..

    • I totally agree!

    • very good article. I love Chuy. I remember meeting him ay a Roots concert at the Warfield in Frisco. He was so nice to me and my friend. Chuy stopped, chopped it up with us and then took pictures. Just a great all around guy. Total loss to the Bay. I will miss you Chuy in the morning time, making me laugh all the way to work. God bless you and I know it’s not the end for you. Love you much

  2. He will always be BAY AREA urban commercial radio. He allowed us to see inside the new HIP HOP world. He also bridged many issues regarding LATINO and BLACK beefs. He would expose it and make us talk about bit and other issues bothering us .I have been doing television for almost 20 years but we met thru radio I was with KPOO RADIO and Frankie J. We love you CHUY the BLACK COMMUNITY. We felt your realness everyday. YOUR LOVE FOR THE HOOD WAS FELT EVERYDAY BY YOUR VOICE. Now to those that want to protest this get real! For the last 20 years everybody out here has been laid off once. IF YOU HAVNT been GREAT BUT,MOST OF US HAS. CHUEY WILL BE OK! HEARING HIM TALK ABOUT MY SON (THE PACK) ON RADIO IS A MOMENT I WILL NEVER FORGET. I called him to tell him so.
    West Coast Black Television Network “networking within Networks”

    • Why would u say “To the people who wish to protest get real”? Why wouldnt we protest for someone we care about and respect? True a lot of good people have been laid off in the past years but that doesn’t change the fact that the way they chose to go about letting him go was disrespectful and wrong! It doesn’t matter if Chuey had no fans or a million fans if someone gives you 20yrs of there life they deserve more than a “Thank you for your services here’s your check”. I doubt they even thanked him for all the years he was loyal to KMEL and got so many listeners to that station. So when you say “Get real” I take offense to that because we are real and we are gonna let that station know just how many listeners Chuey had.

  3. I’ve seen so many people heartbroken over chuy being let go. I wish he was able to at least be able to thank his fans and was able to say goodbye. I’m saddened that they did not provide him with the opportunity to do that. I really hope that people get that petition going like they are saying. I would love to have Chuy back on the air.

  4. Here’s to hoping Chuy lands on an independent station in the bay and can play real music and put his personality back into things. We need another hip hop format station in the bay anyways. With the kind of following Chuy has, he could jump start a “new” station.

  5. ‘Internally Clear Channel employees are finding their pocketbooks being hit.. Those who make ‘too much’ find their salaries or benefits are reduced or their duties vastly expanded to the point of being overwhelmed as they made to take on the jobs that were once handled by 2 or 3 people.’ Having worked for a Clear Channel TV station, I can tell you that’s their M.O. across the board. But it is ALSO a reality in all sectors currently. You will work harder for less, or they will bring in someone who will do the job instead. Tenure, competency…they mean nothing when weighed against the almighty dollar. So let’s stop pretending that finding and keeping work is about your drive and desire. It’s basically about how much an employer is willing to keep you around. Scary proposition.

  6. Gerald Larson says:

    Chuy could walk up to the fellas in any hood in the bay, and I bet he would be greeted like a brother, better than the mayor.

  7. I have completely stopped listening to KMEL. I’m disgusted to see how they would dismiss a great DJ. He desreves better.

  8. Madeline Flamer says:

    Did anyone start a petition? Clear Channel really should feel the pinch for how they treated Chuy. I used to enjoy his show and the video show he had.

  9. Bring Chuy on 95.7 The Game! Would love to hear him talk sports…he could be the new gary radnich (sports/pop culture) but much better.

  10. Time for freelance radio DJ status Clear Channel is Babylon incarnate.

  11. this is such a mistake KMEL will feel the wrath should have ditched someone with least experience they let chuy go because he made too much money KMEL sucks now definately not the peoples station

  12. Jason Leopoldo says:

    Bullshit letting Chuy go that’s bad business.Mind Motion ,Ricklee hope ain’t next.don’t think I’ll be jammin Kmel either anymore.Pandora or something else instead.

  13. Sara Hinestrosa says:

    Good news reporting on the issues- but this is about the most poorly written article I’ve ever read. How about some basic editing- spelling, grammer, etc.

  14. Michael Ortega says:

    Interesting that Romney’s Bain Capitol is throwing it’s weight around politically because it is the “owner”.
    The RNC just made the resolution to not use NBC or CNN. The “owners” are wielding their power through capitol. It is a form of censor ship and thus violates the public’s right to free speech. Their FCC licenses should be revoked because we “own” the airwaves and license their use to this corporations.

  15. Celine Sala says:
  16. That’s the shit people don’t get every one in this world is fucking replaceable the only thing that is for sure is that nothing is for sure don’t sleep on the job cuz there is always some one els after your shit

  17. Thank you very much for this article! Chuy Gomez essentially made the brand of @106KMEL and is one of the most influential guys to do it in the Bay Area. He was a harbinger for Bay Area lifestyle and culture, and was an important influence on me personally on what I do today. It’s a shame Clear Channel fired him.

  18. I have known Chuey Gomez from KMEL since I started Djing way back in the 80s I remember letting him get on the mic at some of my DJ gigs. He always had a great powerful voice and knew what to say to the crowd.
    I’m sadden that he was let go from the radio station but I know Chuey he will find another job that will only be better than his previous position at KMEL .
    I would wish him luck but he don’t need it

  19. I am 32yrs old and Chuey was a BIG part of my early tween and teen yrs heck even before then my mom use to blast KMEL all the time. Its messed up that they let him go but to let him go and not even give him a going away party or let him tell his fans himself that’s f’ed up and WRONG! Damn dude worked for 20 yrs just to be tossed out the door like the trash shows how much respect they had for him as an employee and human being. I am gonna spread the word as much as I can about the petition once I find the link and get Chuey recognize for the tremendous talent he waz. Without him I’m sure KMEL wouldn’t have been half as popular as it is. I truly only listened because of Chuey because seriously the station plays out songs to death so I only listened whe Chuey and DJ MY EMOTION was on. We miss u Chuey and we know u will land on ur feet but to show how much u are loved the radio station will feel the wrath of “The People”.

  20. Chuy ,chuy ,chuy ,chuy ,chuy Gomez I will stay loyal to you like you did for us an I will follow you where ever you go,kmel is nothing with out you,I believe you made them who they are today an what they did was wrong

    • WELL JUST LIKE CHUY, WORKING FOR kpfa 94.1 I also have lost my job @ kpfa 94.1 but that’s part of the business being a radio DJ, radio station can’t keep you forever but sometimes either moves or fires you. Chuy, you will alwas be part of history and just like you told me many of times don’t just try to just rtf o get in kmel try other stations Sacramento station Modesto station too. l I listen to kmel for years and I remember old G’s DJ’s on kmel like Evan luck, Rick chase (R.I.P) Great DJ like Then when I was growing up, but like I said its part of life and the radio business. We will never for get great dj like Chuy gomes, I wish him nothing but the best for ever. It’s your boy DJ SOLO,with G SPOT, life is funny, but you never know what’s going to take part in it your life. So chuy, you always be apart of my music world, part of my life and made me who I was so thank you very much appreciated, God bless you, 1-love Forever.

  21. X KMEL Listener says:

    Sorry, all due respect to Sana G but IMO she is just not morning talk show material. Unless they put up some coin to get a good writer in for her, in which case they should of just kept Chuy. F’ing politics of radio & media.

  22. Chuy Gomez raised an entire generation including myself. I remember watching him on CMC Tv as a young teenager. KMEL is very foolish to let this man go who raised an entire generation

  23. Chuy was the only person I would listen to on KMEL……BYEBYE KMEL…….by the way Im in my 50’s, but found Chuy so down home!

  24. Sana g sucks she ain’t about shit talks way to much shit and also chuy Gomez is a really good dj my dad used to work with him and to hear that he’s gone really sucks and I’m considering the idea of not listening to 106 kmel i really don’t like this bitch

  25. There is no such a thing as loyalty anymore.


  26. ALICIA I’m sorry that you took my statement (im old G) wrong but when I said get real its not to belittle but to say lets move on yes this move is vile and was nasty but so is the killings in all the Bay Area bthats priority to me right now. They dogged Renel back in the day but she flipped it and is now running things. TRY AND UNDERSTAND, BUT HIS FIRING IS JUST A BLIP ON THE HOOD RADAR!
    He would understand my statement!

  27. Bain Capitol strikes again, if u remember this also happened to Sana G back in 2k9 when there were mass layoffs as a result of the bain clearchannel takeover (I was also affected)

    Ultimately, they brought her back when there was an upheaval…but I think Chuy is better off as his brand is solid in the region.

  28. says:

    No more KMEL for me , sana G is way to messy and they did chuy bad . im over them , guess its just me and Pandora or Rdio now haha . . I hope they lose all their listeners and the money they were trying to save hope they lose triple !

    • Danny Gomez says:

      I only listened to Chu-Dog (AKA Chuy) when he was the air! Now that they let him go cowardly! No way I’m listing to Kmel….If they would to ask him back I wish he refuses!! He can find a better respectful station…Good Luck Chuy…We all got your back….

  29. i will not be listening to any clear channel stations since they did chuy dirty like that.

  30. This sucks!!!!! I’m not listening to kmel anymore!!! That’s fucked up for him to loose his career of 20 YEARS..,,specially….to someone like sana g??? She’s weak!! Not to mention she got her ass whooped by my sister in law!lmfao! Fuck that bitch…shes dry…with no type of personality specially in comparison to Chuy!!!
    KMEL BAD DECISION!!! Sana G doesn’t have shit on Chuy! Matter of fact Chuy SHITS on Sana G! Get it together KMEL!!! Wow!! What your morning ratings drop!!

  31. i would listen to RICK Chase alot in the 80’s with my Mom. I remember bay area radio before “chuy gomez” Chuy would come to our high school in the mid 90’s with the street team and do promo etc. look at 99.7 now and how they basically took the entire old 94,9 staff and made a new station.. LISTENERS IN THE BAY DESERVE to hear new DJ’s . why must we be force fed the same dj’s year after year (in this case decade after decade)? KMEL needs to get rid of Sana G (and her corny and crude “gossip reports”) as well as Big Von and Completely serve us with a New ERA of Bay Area Radio.
    I look at how 94.9 brought back the ‘undercover’ Racist JV after his Meth episodes a decade ago. Mr, JV is another Over rated morning DJ that continues to leak thru the cracks in the chairs of this Glamorous game of Musical chairs BAY AREA RADIO PLAYS. Its such a sigh of relief when i Enter Los Angeles and listen to their Radio..(although im not exzactly fond of Past & current LA DJ’S like theo & Big Boy)
    The Only thing good at Kmel is their Mixes and then again Most Listeners choose Kmel WHY? cause its one of the Only Major Stations that will Play HIP HOP/RAP continually. Its as if we are in rural city with One fast food chain – Kentucky Fried Chicken and they just fired the Lead Drive thru attendant – Esther and Now Some of the community wont get the usual hook up or whatever Esther was providing on the under. THIS CHANGE IS SO WELCOMED…its time for a CHANGE AT KMEL & Bay Area Radio.

  32. Wow. Still can’t believe how they let him go. Chuy deserves much more than that. True, hiring and firing is all part of the game, but it’s the way they did it that was completely wrong and in total disregard for him and the community. Just cold corporate politics. First of all, they should not have let him go because he was the heart and soul of KMEL, seriously. I remember he would come to our high school rallies and even walked WITH us when we had our annual walk-a-thons around Lake Merced… the whole way. I told him, “Hey, my pops is from Mezcala and we’re family” and we started doing the family tree thing. He is just so down to earth and genuinely into the community. So sad that our communities are losing their voices because of nationally syndicated programs and just a total disconnection of the corporations and the community they supposedly serve. I, for one, only turned on KMEL in the mornings for him. Especially on fridays! Regardless of where Chuy lands, he will be successful because he has a truly loyal following and he’s the real deal. Sending good energy to you and your family Chuy. It will all work out.

  33. Sorry to say but Sana G is being played. SHe’s nothing more than a placeholder until they find the next big thing. There is no way that Clear Channel believes Sana G will carry KMEL for the next 20 years. I’d be sursprised if she lasts 20 weeks.

  34. I just learned about Chuy’s firing today and I’m shocked. I didn’t know him personally but I know a few people who do and like I suspected they say he’s a real cool down to earth person. I saw him at the last Prince concert last year and of course everyone was saying hi because we all knew who he was. Chuy took the time to speak to everybody, he didn’t brush anyone off. Ill never forget that he was a guest speaker at my daughter’s elementary school years ago for career day; as you can imagine the kids had a great time. Lastly who can remember watching him on CMC on KOFY and wonder how he did that and was on the radio at the same time!! Chuy will be missed but not forgotten. Like everyone has already said he’ll find something bigger and better to do, but Clear Channel has robbed the Bay Area if a great DJ.

  35. 1993baybridgevet says:

    Not to defend his dumb ass,but it was Mancow who was prosecuted for the 1993 Bay Bridge fiasco. Those who were around back then remember well what happened. The “credit” that Mancow claimed wasn’t actually credit at all. It was shame. After that stunt,Mancow was eventually removed from his slot and Jesus ducked out until it all blew over. I have never forgiven Jesus after all these years and have not listened to one single show
    of his or Mancow’s since. There’s other options out there especially now.

    • The facts are as follows.. Chuy and his co-horts were the ones who stopped traffic on the bridge..mMncow was in the studio.. Chuy gathered the people and pulled it off.. To this day Mancow takes credit.. I saw it in his bio last week.. There was no shame.. he blew up from the noteriety. Now if u really know what ur talking about there’s a couple of other real important facts around that case that I didn’t put in the article that you should know which ties all this together.. Get at me if you know what I’m talking about..

  36. I live in the Phoenix area, but I’ve been listening to Chuy for over 10 years now, since living in L.A. thanks to internet radio. I LOVE Chuy, and KMEL, and I will HAPPILY sign any petition that will bring Chuy back to KMEL mornings. I love Sana G too, but I’m not understanding how this change will be better for the station–or the people who listen to it.

    Lemme know when that petition gets going–I want to sign it ASAP!

  37. The beauty of radio is that if you don’t like a station, you can change to another one. KMEL targets a certain audience that listens to a certain type of music. If you don’t like the music, you should switch to another station.

    There is always going to a time when “new blood” is necessary–especially when things tend to get stale. However, if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. KMEL morning were FAR from broken, and it think it’s a shame that corporate owners have become involved in radio. They are systematically ruining ‘urban’ radio. But I digress.

    You are MORE than entitled to your opinion, and you clearly are very good at expressing yourself. But I believe you may be outnumbered in your perspective in terms of this station.

    There was NO good reason for firing Chuy, and if they’re looking to gain a different audience, then they should create another station, not destroy a perfectly successful one by making BAD decisions.

    You hate the KMEL line-up so much, change the channel. I listen to KMEL on-line because Phoenix radio SUCKS (you might love it, lol). KMEL is one of the LAST really good radio stations left, but that’s probably going to change in the very near future.

  38. Clear Channel appears to disagree with you. I live in Phoenix, but I listen to KMEL thru iHEARTRadio… SanaG does [pre-recorded] afternoon shows here in Phoenix on a station that used to target the Smooth Jazz community. Clear Channel just decide to wipe out an entire GENRE of music, and because I have listened to KMEL from way back–when I was a Cali resident–I knew that there was NO way she could be on the air HERE when she was on the air at the SAME time in San Francisco!!

    Clear Channel will ride SanaG until the wheels fall off and if she stops making them money, then they will show her the door in the same fashion as Chuy.

    I happen to like SanaG, so I’m not upset about hearing her anywhere. I just hate the way they treat DJs like shirts: just change one out with another one… No big deal.

    I just wish they wouldn’t try to fix what’s not broken… 8-(

  39. In a way it was a Symbolic Move, With the New Bay Bridge Opening Today, This Summer and having 106.1 KMEL cutting ties wit Chuy Gomez who shut down the bridge as a street team member for mancow muller at wild 107.7 in 1993.
    Being a long time listener of Bay Area Radio IN A WHOLE (not just 949&1061, im talkin garyradnich ron owens kgo knbr 819 etc) from the 80’s to 2013 AND being someone who still appreciates NEW artist like Lil Durk Chief Keef French Montana nippseyhussle,bad lucc, YG, August Alsina, tory Lanez, Ace Hood, Meek Mill, AND BayArea artist like Philthy Rich, J.Stalin HD Bearfaced, C-BO, HBK & AOB .Rob Lo Little Bruce, Cellski, Killa keise etc. But then again these are random artist from my current playlist, not saying my list should be played at all more or stating that I am familiar with Bay MUSIC AND Bay Area Radio in a whole. .

    Chuy Gomez had the image of a Lead Street Team promoter for many years at 107 at first then kmel. Later in the mid 90’s Wild107 hired another guy “Big Joe” sort of like a competitor to chuy vs the other station targeting the LATINO market . of Course Having the name GOMEZ will draw any innocent listener to believing it was a Latino Dj’s Voice they where listening to.. So the fact the chuy gomez came up the ranks accomplished what he did speaks volumes for a Latino man born in Mexico.

    However 106.1 serves millions of listeners. the San Francisco Oakland San Jose Bay Area is cutting edge Metropolitan society, lets move on With the FUTURE OF BAY AREA RADIO, Please.

    When folks say “it aint broke dont fix it” or “Change the station” ….Ummmm No, Kmel doesnt make music, they play music that artist make , How and what music gets played is another story. But Do we need the SAME DJ’S?? hell naw. It should be a New Table of DJ’S roughly every 18 monthes revolving at all the clear channel stations in the bay including the CBS Stations. ….My PS3 Aint broke BUT I AM ANXIOUS for a PS4 wtf “aint broke dont fix it” fck outta here with that. Just Hip Hop In general and the way its represented on Bay Area Radio. Who picks the Music that ultimately gets played. At the what 3-4 (102.5,99.7 ,94.9 99.1)Major stations that even do play a tid bit of hip hop? ITS SO MUCH MORE REAL HIP HOP MUSIC that doesnt get played is what would be the PROBLEM. How Brad Pitt as ‘Billy Beane’ in MONEYBALL Ask Whats the Problem? I mean in one view point u got gossip reports going on while chemical warfare is going on in syria against cia troops. But we need to Listen to Drake, and 2chains, and kendrick lamar to zone our minds out of all that. But of course we Always Change the Station if we dont like gossip reports and Commercial Hip Hop. Just the Staff in General at KMEL needs to be replaced. Its basically the only Major Hip Hop station in the Bay. So for those who have ear drums that saviour the taste for any sort of hip hop music they will turn to kmel. Maybe MORE MAJOR Artist rotation as dj or something in that direction would be a better sound.


  1. […] a former KMEL employee who was himself unceremoniously let go in 2001, noted in his popular blog that Gomez’ firing was part of a pattern of cost-cutting measures by KMEL’s parent company […]