History Meets Hip Hop: Bridging the Gap Between Harry B & Jay Z

Screen Shot 2013-08-14 at 6.04.46 AMRadio host and journalist Syreeta Gates  did a segment on Esther Armah‘s Wake Up Call in NYC  on WBAI  called History Meets Hip Hop. The other week she addressed the Harry belafonte and Jay Z flap with a serious indepth piece that gives a serious history lesson that sought to bridge the gap between the two men and many in their respective generations..

This is not so much to belabor the point, but to give folks some serious history  about two very popular iconic figures.. People should take a good listen to this and come away better informed.. Thank You Syreeta.



  1. Thanks to you Syreeta! Am better informed and my perspective is in order with regards to this matter. Thank you again. Am of course sharing this no doubt! Keep up the good work.