As Hip Hop Turns 40…Never Forget the B-Boys & B-Girls (Salute to the Dancers)

Break dance AsiaWith Hip Hop turning 40, its important to remember there are several facets to the culture.. A lot of attention is spent on rappers (emcees) which is understandable being that they are the most commercially viable… However, we should note that globally speaking Hip Hop dance (b-boying )is just as popular in many parts of the world..

The competition is just as fierce if not more so then it is within rap.. In fact there’s talk about bringing B-boying to the X games.. Even if that doesn’t happen, there are enough well attended competitions all over the planet where folks come to see the best and brightest do their thing on the dance floor.

I’m loving how folks in this recent video got seriously busy on the dance tip..Hopefully it reminds us to not limit our creativity.. Hopefully it inspires us to push the envelope and make Hip Hop something that is fun even as its competitive.. This just made my day..

Here’s a couple of more videos to remind you just how dope the dance aspect is within Hip Hop from today and from the past..Below is a recent ‘Breakdance’ (bboy competition)

I Love Les Twins who are from France.. You don’t think Hip Hop is Worldwide, then you best pay close attention to these brothers..

Ladia Yates always kills it..especially with this routine..

We gotta shout out all our Hip Hop sistas.. the B-Girls who always held it down..

Wanna take it back to the old school with this routine featured in the movie Beat Street between the NYC Breakers vs Rock Steady Crew. It was released in 1984 and none other than Harry Belafonte was the man who produced and financed it..

Couldn’t leave out with the pioneering homies from the Bay Area Medea Sirkas formerly Demons of the Mind.. They been doing this since the 70s.. Below is vintage material

Last but not least the pioneering homies from Fresno..and Southern Cali.. The Electric Boogaloos


  1. Hip-Hop 4ever

  2. Hip hop as it once was is for all practical purposes dead now.
    Time to flip the page ; it is now an abomination

  3. Yeah thats some hard work and practice right there. -15

  4. 40-years and counting. Hip Hop came a long way. It’s more than music now. It’s in Hollywood, overseas, fashion, beauty, modeling and more.

  5. Nowadays dancing in hip hop consists of twerking and doing the Dougie

  6. Don’t front on Hip Hop worldwide, those Euro breakers got you opin. Toastin, Breakin, DJin, Graf, Beatboxin, Parkour, Krumpin, Martial Arts. That’s REAL HIP HOP to me. $ and bling ain’t got nothin to do with it. Thank you Harry for believing in the phenomenon…and f–k all those who have tried to destroy it for their own selfish gain.

  7. Excellent post! We CANNOT forget the B-BOYS and the B-GIRLS! They are EXTREMELY important when it comes to HIPHOP! We have to remember that HipHop is not just emceeing /rapping or the music business for that matter. We have to also remember that there are other elements to this culture.
    Bro. Davey we appreciate you doing all of this research for us and posting all of this valuable information about HipHop and showing how there are people that take HipHop SERIOUS as a CULTURE!


    Thanks, Bro Davey D.!


  8. Thanks for the support!