Seattle Rapper Madlines drops New joint-Blocka Teams up /w Brwn Bflo

MadlinesEver since Mad-lines has touched down in the Bay Area from Seattle, she has been making serious moves and serious noise.. Her music has been on tilt and her activism on point.. She made noise a few months ago with this retroesque song and video called ‘I Need a Moment

The whole vibe reminded us just how creative and diverse Hip Hop can be and is..

Her new song ‘Blocka Don’t Block My Shine’ continues in that vein as she teams up with Seattle producer Bean One and local Hip Hop icon Gigante of Brwn Bflo..

Here’s a recent recent press release…

For the past few months, up and coming Oakland-based MC, MADlines, has put a tremendous amount of positive vibes and raw styles into a brand new EP called “Love Child,” which DROPS in SEPTEMBER.

She’s collaborated with BeanOne out of Seattle (Sea/Oak TOWN Connection), and he’s created unique Reggae-Hip Hop fusion tracks that SLAP!!

MADlines is jet setting for Jamaica in a matter of days but before she goes she’s got something special for you…

BLOCKA (Don’t Block My Shine)” is the first single from the project and it features Gigante (Giant) of BRWN BFLO. 

Please enjoy the video for the single, shot by Genuienzo in the Fruitvale neighborhood of East Oakland, CA.

Feel free to share the video, download the song here:



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  4. Damn, nice to hear from Seatown again. How dope were those Mixalot/Nastymix dayz. I still got Swass, Seminar and Mack Daddy on heavy rotation. We used ta bump Criminal Nation Release the Pressure on the way to skool every day.

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