Lupe Fiasco Steps Up & Does a Song for 6 Month old Jonylah Killed in Chicago

Jonylah Watkins6monthold BabyPowerful song from Lupe Fiasco that pays tribute to Jonylah Watkins the 6 month old killed by bullets the other day in Chicago..This is a heartfelt beautiful song.. Nothing more needs to be said.. Listen to the words and let us all end violence in our community. Shout out to Lupe for doing the song.. Shout out to NBA star Derrick Rose for paying for the funeral..


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  3. Classy. Oakland needs to take note-unless I missed similar responses here over the last few years.

  4. wow powerful track, bone

  5. Great track! That was cool of him to do that.

  6. Charity Luv says:

    Jonylah became God’s angel too soon. May she rest in peace. God Bless her soul!
    I give my condolences to her family. Thanks for your TLC Music. LOL! 🙂

  7. now thats keeping it real, #truehiphop

  8. God bless Lupe Fiasco for his love, support and courage to other human beings.

  9. Salute to Lupe for making a touching sound and addressing the need to end the violence, while every other rapper raps about guns, money and hoes.


  11. DEEP!!

  12. That;s why Lupe is still around…he cares and it shows

  13. Please, more of this on my plate.

  14. Beautiful. Well done Lupe!

  15. this is a crazy world…good look lupe…


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