Chuck D & Brother Ali Come Together & Tell us to Get Up, Stand Up!

Chuck D and Brother Ali

Far too often when people do collabs, its done for marketing purposes, more than it is for genuine chemistry.. Such was not the case when Chuck D of Public Enemy tapped Brother Ali of the Rhymesayers Collective to join him on the track … This is a fierce track.. Its energetic and each rhyme is hittin’ especially Ali who goes all the way in.. enjoy


  1. i must say not bad not bad jeezy

  2. Awwww yeah!!!

  3. hiphopnewsmedia says:

    good show

  4. Yes. speak it.. (RED)

  5. Got to respect anything from Chuck D (army green)

  6. Dope

  7. great track, bone

  8. Chuck NICE BIG

  9. Alright Chuck D!!! Preach!

  10. Get Up Stand Up BIG

  11. Yo Davey, golden one,..yo Chuck,..yo Brother Ali: ma raisin question is,..which Semitic line are you on? When the grammar of commerce is ‘Libert’Aryan’ and Shoa denyin:::

  12. You guys don’t think this is done for marketing and self promotion? These guys make their living being stage performing entertainers. Self-marketing is part of their LIFESTYLE. It’s a fun little song regardless.

  13. Yes bruvva (RED)

  14. TYTYTY! Those delicious keys VIBRATE like STEINWAY: blackwood depth resonating with ivory overtones…the perfect way to start the day! Thanks for the share!