An Open Letter to Rick Ross from Uncle Luke- End Your Beef or Wind Up Dead

Unckle luke-campbellDear Rick Ross:

As someone who survived several rap beefs, I’m going to give you some advice. You need to seriously address the threats and attempts on your life. You have worked hard to become a big name in hip-hop. You’ve paid your dues and you’ve grown lyrically since the release of your debut album, Port of Miami, in 2006. You’ve arrived, buddy.

But all this gangster bullshit is jeopardizing your career. No club or arena is going to risk people getting shot. You can forget about doing any tours or CD signings. And if you can’t make money, watch how fast Warner Bros. Records turns on you. I know from experience.

You have the Gangster Disciples breathing down your neck because you’ve named-dropped Larry Hoover, the gang’s founder, in your music. Unlike the record and book publishing industries, these bad dudes don’t understand the concept of public domain. They see you getting rich forever by rapping about their leader, and they don’t like it. That’s why they’re on YouTube talking about how you need to go see them and cut a check.

It’s a shame you can’t enjoy life without spending part of your earnings on heavy security or risking your freedom by purchasing an arsenal. Remember, that’s what landed T.I. and Lil Wayne in prison. You don’t want that to happen to you. However, those are the consequences of rapping about being something you’re not.

Hip-hop has a rich history of college guys who never committed a crime rapping about moving kilos of cocaine and taking out snitches. Every gangster rapper takes on the role of a real hood legend to build up street cred. But don’t fall into the trap of believing you are really a gangster.

Trust me, you don’t want to go out like Biggie Smalls or Tupac. It’s time you squash your beefs.

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  1. Whats the boss gonna do now (RED)

  2. Sound advice.
    Maybe someone needs to have a sit down with him. Mr. Campbell might be the correct one.

  3. Yes, Sense and Soul.

  4. Peter D. Slaughter says:

    This dude is faking anyway.
    Anybody black with any good common sense would never follow this person at all.

    • i think there is a number of people out with little or less on there plate, who follow him because think he may have something clever to say…

  5. Good advice! -RUST

  6. Finally – someone with a brain, w/ some good sound advice!

  7. Lemme get this straight, any rapper who mentions Hoover or any other street figure owes them money? Seems to me that would be more than just Ross! U cant justify gangs openly threatening ppls lives cause they dont like what he raps about. We gotta do better as a ppl!

  8. While Ross may have been irresponsible for taking someone else’s name without their permission– he doesn’t deserve to die over it. “Code of the streets?” Oh.

  9. There are black’s who like to say ” he getting paid big dollars ”
    ” shoot I would get that money “

  10. people still listen to mainstream rap? thats cute