39 Emcees Come Together to Do the Ultimate Cypher to raise Money for Haiti

Haiti-devastationHip Hop Congress for Haiti is a Hip Hop song created by Hip Hop Congress & RonDavoux Records to Raise Awareness and Inspire people to donate money and supplies to Haiti in support of rebuilding the country after the devastating earthquake in 2010. The song features Rap,R & B, Soul & Spoken Word from 39 Artists from around the world supporting Haiti in solidarity. HHC/RDV is releasing this song on the 3 year Anniversary to remind everyone that the struggle in Haiti is far from over. The song also discusses various topics about Haiti’s Historical Value from the perspective of  each Artist & their diverse views!
http://hiphopcongress.nationbuilder.com  and http://www.HipHopCongress.com


Yung Azz J of RDV (Oakland,CA)
DLabrie of RDV (Oakland,CA)
Stress of Crimson Vision (Queens, NY)
Damion Glass (Oakland,CA)
Rahman Jamaal of RDV (Redwood City,CA)
Akil the MC of Jurassic 5 (L.A to Atlanta,GA)
Marvaless (Sacramento,CA)
Bueno (Sacramento,CA)
Bigg Mann of Cap Biz/Geddog Records (Sacramento,CA)
Knowble of Serendipity Project (Santa Cruz, CA to Boston,MA)
Knobody of Hieroglyphics (Oakland,CA)
Tone of GorillaPits (San Leandro,CA)
KLoc of GorillaPits (San Leandro,CA)
Remy Red of The Dragons (San Leandro,CA)
XSF of The Dragons (San Leandro,CA)
D-Nick of F.E.W (Chicago, IL to Flint, MI
YDMC of RDV (San Jose,CA to Atlanta,GA)
Ony Oz of One Survival Movement (Richmond, CA/Sacramento,CA)
Ms Vybe (Sacramento,CA)
Dorn the Overseer (L.A)
Blaze 5 (Las Vegas ,NV)
Halo Bzerk (Las Vegas ,NV)
Dru Diamondz (Bronx N.Y)
Big Roma
Dot Goodie of Hustlanity Ent/Team Goody (Oakland,CA)
Lil Blood of Livewire Records (Oakland, CA)
Maj Gutta of Hustlanity Ent. (Oakland, CA
Rux – RuxWorld /Nu Realm Ent. (Vallejo, CA)
Chonkum of BlockMonsta Muzik/Team Goodie(Oakland, CA)
Young Deshi (Dhaka, Bangladesh)
Sellassie of In House (San Francisco, CA)
Machetero (Watsonville, CA)
Mikhael (Bay Area,CA)
Megabusive of Isolated Wax (San Jose, CA)
Johnny Afro of KZSU Stanford Radio (East Palo Alto, CA)
Nat the Boss of HHK Records (Oakland, CA)
J Ross Parrelli (Auburn,CA/Long Beach, New Jersey)
Hippie Hop (Tracy,CA)

Contact – RDVbiz1@gmail More Info or Download -www.DLabrie.com


  1. cork jones says:

    Dave,we need higher profile artist man, what can i do?

  2. Reblogged this on The Urban Link and commented:
    This event is looking for some higher profile artists…it is a worthy cause…please comment, share and pass along to whomever you might know that will help!!!

  3. I am pushing this out via every outlet I write for or have dealings with…we will do our best to get some additional support…I am even hitting DJ Coalitions…I am just one person but I reach a few folks…not as deep as Davey though!

  4. Most higher profile artists don’t give a damn and can’t rhyme as good either. Nice work to all 39. A LESSON TO BE LEARNED.

  5. Great Job!!! RUST

  6. Reblogged this on alltheeabove and commented:
    This is awesome!

  7. Oh wow !! That’s wassup!!–pink

  8. nice job! -purple

  9. great cause.. Haiti stand up..

  10. nice. cobalt.

  11. Critical Eye says:

    Yes, I love this! Sadly, those “Hip Hop” magazines in the local grocery store won’t report on things like this. . .smdh


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