YCMG – In GOD We Trust – Cover Artwork

YCMG “Young Conscious Music Group” is releasing their first original single entitled “In GOD We Trust.” We happened to get a look at one of the versions of the cover artwork for the single. Check it out.

Itunes Artwork 2

source: http://www.videocitytv.com/vcblog/ycmg-in-god-we-trust-cover-artwork/


  1. Nice man .. very nice (RED)

  2. So obviously Brand Nubian´s CLASSIC album IN GOD WE TRUST has already been forgotten…hip hop has next to no originality these days. Man I long for the days of wayback 89 to 95 was the shit, PERIOD. Peace to the Gods and Earths.

  3. nice artwork (black)

  4. FABO artwork!! For the record GREATNESS stands the test of time… Like GREAT minds think alike!! Not to say anyone or thing is forgotten… but there’s NOTHING NEW UNDER THE SUN!!! LOL and at the end of the day remixes or remakes are adding/reviving old and forgotten things… which is a GOOD thing & shows LOVE/appreciation!! LIFE IS WHAT YOU MAKE IT OR HOW YOU LOOK AT IT!!! Your attitude is EVERYTHING!! LOVE it OR HATE it!!! LOVE GOES ALONG WAY and UPWARD>>> We all know what the HATE does… oh well thats the balance of things I guess… #SALUTE ; )