Skillz is Back.. Rap-Up 2012.. The Year of Ratchedness

skillzSkillz is back with his annual Rap Up... This one pays Tribute to 2012.. The Year of Ratchedness.. Not sure I’m feeling this beat…. somethings get lost with it being so noisy, but it is what it is.. He does cover a lot of ground.. #salute


  1. they are back?, green

  2. dopeee – peach

  3. @Est_Wood77 says:

    mad skillz! (007) hi hater

  4. Alright now… watchme

  5. VA!!!!!! 2up 2down!!! cobalt.

  6. I am liking it… (RED)

  7. dope – yellow

  8. the year of ratchetness indeed!! -seeme

  9. Skillz stay with a mean wrap up!!lol—pink

  10. I hate the word ‘Ratchet’ …who invented that ish ?!?!

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  12. Its going to be sad to see him stop, i look forward to the end of the year wrap ups