20 Tips To Help You Go Green!!!!! #10ThingsOnATuesday



So this week’s #10ThingsOnATuesday is double the fun!!! We’re sharing some GO GREEN tips!!

courtesy: http://thatish.com/2012/12/11/20-tips-to-help-you-go-green-10thingsonatuesday-2/

While it’s hundreds of tips and changes you can make towards GREEN LIVING, our list below will compile some of the easier tips you can start to change one by one, day by day. Once you’ve accomplished minor changes, go for the bigger ones like changing out household appliances to energy savingbiking to work, growing a garden or starting a compost!

1. Hang your laundry out to try versus using a dryer.

2. Use recyclable bags when you grocery shop.

3. Take 5 minute showers.

4. Wash in cold water not hot.

5. Receive and pay your bills online (eliminates printed bills).

6. Remove yourself from unsolicited mail, stop pre-screen credit card offers etc

7. Re-use scrap paper!!! (Kids don’t care what they are coloring on!!)

8. Re-purpose glass jars in your kitchen!!! (Putting food away? Use an old jar versus buying plastic containers)

9. Use cloth napkins instead of paper.

10. Collect rain water for plant and garden use.

11. Buy from your farmer’s market and local producers.

12. Turn off the lights and appliances when you leave the room!!

13. Clean with natural products and use old rags!

14. Re-purpose items in your home instead of throwing them out. (Ok so all of us aren’t that creative, but we’re just saying, before you throw old chairs or table into a junk pile, see if something else can be done)

15. Lower the temperature on your hot water heater.

16. Cut off the water when brushing your teeth.

17. Use cloth diapers!

18. Stop buying cases of water, get a re-usable bottle and RE USE IT!

19. Change your lightbulbs to CFL bulbs (compact fluorescent lamp)