Answering Bougie Black Girl’s Blog on Arab Racism Against Blacks

This is a dope article.. that addresses the issue of Black / Arab relations ships..


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  6. My comment, based on my studies in Islamic Science on political Islam,..was censored by that grand of interpraitor,..but let me state that Iggy Azalea will comment this on Dec. 7th in NYC….BloKKK Partee for all dogs out there!

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  12. Okay Davey, I hoped for a statement about this ongoin blog cultured of being colored,..but One plus One is to strong for the Hip Hop culture in Northern America,…so let me state about the Gaza siege on Iranian (Land of the Aryans] sponsored rocket powers against the land of Holocaust survivors, that the mind lockin national turn is an ideology, that have a crisis in Egypt by the ideological frame of Sayyed al_Qutb, the Arabic fascist variant of European chauvinism against all enslaved minors. So my Heartcore swift to spell this shame out as antifascist move for a big reset of capital:ism, this must be reflect by religious belief of hetero stances and of course by the ongoin settlement in the global community ideology called immigration. So what Davey,…for a militant left equal move out of this rock, the we pee stance a political move in the narrations of a global commun:ism/KKK_ation,..I hope that next vinyl will have a clear point on that!

    Salaam//Shaloom libertad!

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  14. Now CCTV reports on that Muslim Brotherhood prez, that he wants to negotiate on the ideological reliefs of Sayyed al_Qutb the conflict between Sudan and South-Sudan,…bitter sweet for everyone who have followed the history of Africa’s largest country. Believe or not, Egypt will the new role of Muslims in the global community new determinded.

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