One Year Ago Today Peaceful Students Were Pepper Sprayed by Sadistic Cops

One year ago today..(November 19th 2011) sadistic police at UC Davis pepper sprayed students who were protesting 300% fee increases. This went all over the world and brought attention to the plight of tens of thousands of students in the UC system.. Too bad it wasn’t the students arguments that caught our attention. The police chief quit, the officer was fired and the chancellor left.. Students who were  sprayed got 30k each, but UC is still raising fees even after students organized to pass Prop 30 designed to stop massive fee hikes..

The next day students sat in silence as the Chancellor walked to her car in shame as it was she who ordered the police to smash on students


  1. Linda Katehi is still Chancellor of UC Davis, unfortunately. She’s said over and over again she won’t step down. Instead, a number of her staff, including the head of student affairs, have resigned, and the campus police have taken the brunt of the responsibility, even though an investigative committee appointed by the UC president found that there was no evidence to Katehi’s claim that she had ordered officers not to use violence used against student protesters. In fact, there seems to be no evidence that Katehi attempted to deal with Occupy protesters in any meaningful way until after the pepper spray incident.

    Some alumni have tried to organize a boycott against UC Davis until Katehi steps down, but their concerns have been drowned out by the rah-rah of the official UCD Alumni organization.

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  5. Pepper spray though? SMDH. At least they are in school trying to better themselves wtf!! 6

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