The Coup Shows You a Billionaire’s Coming Out Party

The Coup which features Boots Riley has a new album out called Sorry to Bother You. So far its been getting a lot of buzz.. Below is the video to one of the singles off the album called ‘Your Parent’s Cocaine’. Boots describes the song as a billionaire kids coming out party..


  1. haha….nice video

  2. That room where the military people are bum rushing the palce looks like one of the room in MWF3 (4)

  3. Kill my landlord…

  4. yeah kill all of them.

  5. good stuff – 9

  6. Alright OK #datzhott…2

  7. LOl, funny! 5

  8. hilarious, entertainment – 10

  9. cute #thatish 6

  10. vote r die fo real 1

  11. What a crack up