OLM News w/ Davey D Convo w/ Mark Gonzalez & H Samy Alim

The other day we sat down with two scholar activists, Mark Gonzales and Professor Samy Alim to talk about the lecture/performance series they are doing at Standford University called Occupy the Art..

The discussion we had covered a wide range of issues including the Trayvon Martin situation, the prison industrial complex and the recent 2pac Hologram revealed at the Coachella Music Festival..Both gentlemen offered up keen insights and gave us lots to grow on…Enjoy the roundtable



  1. Appreciate the three of you, I’m close to printing a few copies of my book, “Hip Hop and the Art of Peace Education.” I think you would all enjoy it. Mark breaking down emotional intelligence. Great conversations here. Peace.

  2. Interesting article. I learned something new. (4)

  3. Learning good work Dee!

  4. great interview – 9