HKR: What’s Behind the Unrest in Libya-Is It Really Over an Offensive Film?

Yesterday (HKR) Hard Knock Radio sat down w/ Dawud Walid who heads up the CAIR (Council on American Islamic Relations) chapter in Michigan to talk about the tragic events that have unfolded in Libya. The death of ambassador Chris Stevens and 3 other state department officials has made headlines all over the world. In this interview we sought to answer, ‘Is all the hoopla really about an obscure offensive movie or is there more to the puzzle’?  As offensive as this film may be why would demonstrations against it turn to deadly violence?

Walid gives us a brief history and context about the events that have transpired in Libya over the past year. He notes the intervention by NATO and the US  wasn’t a humanitarian effort as was stated, instead it was more along the lines of Regime Change.. With that in mind, what ever attacks levied on the US Embassy has got to be seen from that perspective.. Walid explains this in greater detail.

Walid also gives us a run down of the forces that may be behind the offensive film. He notes it’s not just one lone film director (Sam Bacile) with an axe to grind against Islam, nor is this the first time an inflammatory film has been released trashing Islam. Walid points out the extremist anti Muslim pro-Occupation Zionist forces who in the past have deliberately sought to inflame tensions in the region and have long used propaganda pieces like this movie to achieve that end.. He suspects that connection exists here..Below is a trailer to this film which was shot in California.. It should be noted that the several of the actors in this film have spoken out condemning the film stating they had no idea of the offensive contents. The script given to them did not add up to the final product.

The other question raised is why didn’t the State Department get out ahead of this film and distance itself and give folks a heads up? The film’s trailer was posted on line back in July..Given the sensitivity and diplomatic experience we have with folks in the region, why wasn’t there a pre-emptive briefing?

In listening to this interview and seeing the events further unfold, what’s not lost on me was being at the DNC in Charlotte a couple of weeks ago and seeing that large crowd of political leaders cheer over and over and chant USA USA as everyone from Vice President Joe Biden to Senator John Kerry emphasized how they killed Osama Bin Laden. We’ve long been told and as a country have often insisted that we not cheer death even if we feel that death was justified. It’s bad seed to plant especially when at look at the latest uproar and this incident and believe the updated information from the state department that the attacks on the Embassy were planned and came from al-Qaeda.

Here’s our HKR interview with Dawud Walid..


  1. “Given the sensitivity and diplomatic experience we have with folks in the region, why wasn’t there a pre-emptive briefing?” before i begin, i want to make note that i have no clue if this film was sponsored by any branch of the US government. if that turns out to be the case, then the method of my discourse must change.
    the actions by the Libyans in imposing physical harm upon other human beings is despicable. i don’t think that can be argued from any reasonable point of view. with that being said, it doesn’t the context of the situation because human beings in the United States of America possess a high degree of freedom of speech (sure there are exceptions, but lets focus on the general) and that means that we are all disposed to seeing something that will offend our very basic levels of belief.,29553/. i know that link is to the onion, but they have a point: if one human being’s point of view, or even another culture’s point of view, is able to upset you & your compadres enough to resort to physical violence, then something is wrong. if Islam is a religion of peace & understanding, how can someone’s offensive portrayal of your religion’s key tenant lead you to commit acts of murder?

    • Kyle..The Libyans did this?? Elaborate on this? How many? 10? 20? the entire country? Hilary said it was a small group? Now she’s saying it was a military operation? They are also saying it had nothing to do with the movie..Didn’t we just oust a leader and side w/ a group of rebels who we armed who early on was reported to have ties to Al Queda? Since we did this what did we expect when we oprchestrate regime change with shady folks..

  2. Yo Davey, yo Kyle,..I have wait some days ’cause the infection of anti_USA sentiments across the Muslim world has its roots always in the strong ties with the descendants of the Holocaust. But let me remind the speech of your deficit Presidency [] – and all the ‘back to the oven’-rally’s in the USA and its anti_Jewish/Zionist causes of the money washing ways the Muslims in the USA have in swatting the pathological t_error fiqhs and ‘dhimmietude’ so called foreign publishers of the video has in common, as I know that was a original Indian one with the proliferation to cause the Cash_mere’ as anti_religion and not anti_Muslim. That should be possible in a secular state,..and when organized crime swifts the USA with ties to the droning council_ing the _Ism has not the chance to ask own debates about:[]…

    That my view on the riots in the aRap world, as my name has a huge guarantee of one way out the double_bind communication, I must say ‘Sorry’ USA, your bigotry has its border_lines across these one who lives under the poverty line of 800,-€ each month indeed.

    Tonite I will chat 21:00 Central European Time Zone on these issues as Germoney narrated SIEG English one, and believe : the youth frames of antifascists lyrics will be stronger then all the trillion deficit crap the USA has to offer.

    Salaam Davey,..Kyle!

    Postfascist Hamburg struggles continues.

  3. Davey, you’re correct about out government’s poor decisions in relation to the regime change. as a side note, it’s quite interesting how this is the same thing the US has done for years in other parts of the world. i definitely expected some sort of public unrest.
    what seems highly odd about this situation though is the timing of the incident: if these issues have been boiling for a while, why did they occur now? obviously a rhetorical question, but one that deserves some clarity from my point of view. i haven’t heard too many reports about this not having to do with the movie, but the events seem to be intertwined at some level.
    also, i don’t trust hillary at all, so i feel you when it comes down to that.
    as a note of clarity, my usage of the word Libyans was simply a term used to describe the individuals that participated in the actions. i’m not sure where the issue arises in the specificity of numbers as i was definitely not trying to apply any overarching categorizations upon the acting group.
    thanks for responding

  4. Darkoverlord_Definer says:

    I watched this stupid film and what really stood out was the stupid blk girl in the movie chewing on a piece of meat. What I want to know is who is she and what the fuck possessed her to do this stupid shit for pennies?
    I have no doubt that it being hollywood Jews WERE INVOLVED IN THE MAKING OF THIS SHIT.
    i also understand,how these movies serve Isreal in keeping shit going both in the middle east and amerikka.
    You can bet if this was a film about jews,this shit would have never gotten this far.What bugs me is what is it gona take for folks to understand the constant levels of control Jews continue to exhibit on all forms of media in this nation and the world.
    Most of the shows on tv are either controlled or star either old retreated jewish actors or in to many cases younger ones,who suddenly become famous. Even the cartoon shows from the Simpson to the Family guy are jewish controlled and constantly reference this in to many of the shows on a regular bases. You have some little zionist girl ,suddenly get and oscar for BLK SWAN, when before this she was practically and unknown.
    My question is how many times will the Zionist continue to use these foul tactics to get stupid Arabs mad enough to windup just getting themselves killed over stupid shit like this.
    Since it’s suppose to be about relgion I quess this will never end. Ya I’m also aware of the deeper underpinnings of the levels of corruption in the arab nations and the use of demogogic leaders,who use these events to control and distract the masses from all the foulness and corruption they represent.

  5. I only mention Darkh Buddha Faders Mr. Eeran – Land of the Aryans Aliens Map Mad Prides!
    The only location spot I give is fresh air a free Khan…by mens critical Gaz….

    Fuck Ya!

  6. In the name God The Most Beneficent , The Most Merciful.
    As a Muslim, a father, a son and an American! I cannot sit Idly by while the fabric of peace is once again attacked by those with secret agendas to cause a clash of Civilizations. There are no two faiths closer than Islam and Christianity! I am writing this with a sad heart and a sick stomach due to the offensive, insidious, repugnant, insulting and divisive movie, “Innocence of Muslims” that rests within Youtubes and other public outlets servers. This movie is created to incite violence and hatred between Muslims and Christians. Muslims world wide would never insult or joke of Jesus son of Mary due to our deep love and respect for him and his Blessed Mother (Peace be upon them both). This same respect is given to the Holy Last Messenger (Peace and Blessing be upon Him) by many Christians in America and around the world. This movie is a direct attack on Muslim and Christian unity the world over. Youtube and all public outlets need to remove this filth from its systems immediately! This movie violates not only Human decency, but it also violates Youtubes Community guidelines. What positive gain does one receive from spreading falsehood and decadence against the Holy Last Messenger (Peace be upon him)? The Mercy to All the Worlds? There is none! There is only the the pain and sadness of a Lovers heart that cries out to his Creator for help in easing his plight. Muslims along with Christians know that Jesus Son of Mary is the second to the Last Messenger of Islam. Jesus’ teachings and The Holy Last Messengers teachings do not disagree with each other at all. So, to insult one Messenger of God is to insult the all of the Messengers. While Satan used his minions to cause dissension, confusion and hate with this movie, Christians and Muslims will come together to denounce all purveyors and enablers of hate and violence. No one should sit by while this false, disgusting and baseless movie continues to air for the the world to see. My grandmother is a Faithful Christian and if she saw this putrid movie she would CONDEMN IT! I pray she never has the unfortunate opportunity to ever see or hear about this work of the devil! I CONDEMN THIS MOVIE! I CONDEMN THIS MOVIE! I CONDEMN THIS MOVIE!

  7. good to know “Muslims world wide would never insult or joke of Jesus son of Mary due to our deep love and respect for him and his Blessed Mother,” but to be real, I wouldn’t give two shits if you did because i belief in the freedom of speech to the utmost. i particularly belief in the power of free speech when it comes to religion because there is no institution that has done more to impede the progress of free speech throughout the course of humanity.
    so someone dissed your belief structure, how about you come up with a reasonable discussion to counter it or don’t and just move on. to quote karl sagan: “The aggregate of our joy and suffering, thousands of confident religions, ideologies, and economic doctrines, every hunter and forager, every hero and coward, every creator and destroyer of civilization, every king and peasant, every young couple in love, every mother and father, hopeful child, inventor and explorer, every teacher of morals, every corrupt politician, every “superstar,” every “supreme leader,” every saint and sinner in the history of our species lived there – on a mote of dust suspended in a sunbeam.”
    will the issue at hand here, the presence of a bullshit youtube video, matter in 200 years? no, but the reaction of the communities involved will matter because it defines human progress.


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