Jasiri X Releases New Song addressing MXGM Report Police Violence against African-Americans

People are buzzing about the explosive report that was just released by the Malcolm X Grassroots Movement which showed the increased rate of police violence against African-Americans.. The report which is titled  Report on Extrajudicial Killings shows that every 40 hours an African-American is shot and killed by police..Since the brutal slaying of Trayvon Martin police have shot and killed over 80 African-Americans..  Cities like New York, Atlanta and Dallas are the leading the charge with officers killing Blacks..

You can read the article we wrote on this topic HERE

Pittsburgh rapper Jasiri X who was recently in Oakland and LA shooting a video and attending a special gathering put together by the family of Oscar Grant for mothers who lost loved ones to the police just released a song addressing this issue of increased police violence..  Its called ‘Riot

Jasiri X

Another song folks may wanna check out that speaks to the high police shooting rate in New York and Atlanta is off the new album by Killer Mike called Anywhere But Here



  1. Sorry to make the first comment about spelling, but on the third line it says “hot and killed”. It just distracts from the tragedy you’re conveying with those words. Feel free to delete my comment once it’s ironed out. Peace!

  2. Thanks so much for sharing Jasiri X’s new track and for publicizing the MXGMT report on this site. I would like to offer another set of resources particularly for educators who might want to talk about the history of police violence against marginalized populations in the U.S. It’s called Black and Blue and I would really appreciate it if you would share information about this resource with your readers. http://policeviolence.wordpress.com/

  3. That track was ill (80s term, lol). I was pumping my Black Power fist all the way through. This needs to be heard worldwide and loud. RealTalk

  4. y’all been an inspiration for this: http://copsshootingpeople.wordpress.com/

  5. You can’t stop police violence anymore than you can stop gang violence. The most you can do is encourage and facilitate people to grow in a way that bypasses all this clutter. The rest is just a waste of time. The day these silly little (30+ year old) rappers do something more than rap is the day that someone might respect them. They’re like everyone else in that regard. Only instead of talking in circles by complaining or yelling at their kids….they just..”rap”. lol. And it’s the wrong signal to send to young people.

  6. Sometimes it takes a song to make an important point. I know something about police and their improvement. Having a well-trained, restrained, honest and courteous police is not impossible. It can be done. Read about my experiences leading police and what needs to be done, “Arrested Development: A Veteran Police Chief Sounds Off About Protest, Racism, Corruption and the Seven Steps Necessary to Improve Our Nation’s Police.” My blog is at http://improvingpolice.wordpress.com/ where I discuss these and other current police improvement issues. Good luck and may we all experience great policing!


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