Our Coverage of the Global Hip Hop Conference at Stanford

OLMNews covers Stanford University’s global hip-hop Symposium where renowned author Jeff Chang, Stanford professor Samy Alim & Hip-Hop icon & activist Chuck D of Public Enemy who speak on the globalization of hip-hop and it’s effect on social & economic issues worldwide.


OLMNews reporter Davey D speaks with Omar Offendum, Syrian American rapper, who along with other notable artists from around the globe, created a song that sparked a movement of solidarity with the people of Egypt and the middle east.


Omar Offendum


  1. Thanks for the vids, Dave.

  2. tastless says:

    Jeff Chang draping the words “Hip Hop” over other peoples social movements as “THE” voice of the voiceless, is kind of arrogant and silly.

    And HipHop isn’t a culture, it’s a lifestyle for people who’s parents didn’t have an educated lineage to hand down them.

  3. The people that do the real work aren’t rappers. But the rappers are able to opportunistically exploit bad situations for personal gain…… and bask in their vanity while average people do the real work.

    HipHop is a lifestyle of anointed trash.

  4. Linkris says:

    Peace Peoples, sorry for the late reply, I just came accross this site now. It’s great and BIGUPS!!!

    @Dusty, I’m an mcee, co-producer and studio engineer from Cape Flats, South-Africa. I’m an emcee who has done it all, where work is concerned. Cheap-labour jobs, part-time low paying jobs during and after-school, I continued working these jobs to survive and also eventually saved up enough money to put MY OWN ASS through college where I successfully graduated as the top student of the I.T Faculty!

    these details could get more gruesome and harsh, but I’ll put it all in a nutshell to save time and patience!

    MY POINT IS, SOME EMCEES/HIPHOPPERS live real lives and handle real responsibilities, DAILY!





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