Governor Walker gets Phone Pranked-It’s Scary to Hear How He Thinks

Not sure if people heard this tape of union busting Governor Scott walker talking to a prank caller who he thought was billionaire backer David Koch… We learned a lot from Gov Walker in this exchange including how he actually though of planting troublemakers in the crowd of protesters but thought it wasn’t politically expedient. We also got to see how he thinks of his fellow citizens.. ‘Bastards who need to be crushed’

It was also interesting to see how subservient Governor Walker was to his billionaire was obvious he was taking orders from the rich Tea party funder..


  1. darkoverlord says:

    I hope we see more of this. For too long the right wing has been doing this type of ambush shit on organizations and individuals in the community. The left seems either dead or just to goddam lazy to get creative and do things like this guy pulled off.We need to expose all these RIGHT WING VAMPIRES to the masses who don’t have a clue about them. From Black Water to these Coke Bros and the Heritage foundation.

  2. No doubt, darkoverlord. The “play nice” liberals are just getting in the way anymore. You have to fight fire with fire. I like what Immortal Technique said about establishment progressives “When you seek to change the system from within, it’s the system that changes you”.

  3. “The “play nice” liberals are just getting in the way anymore.”

    LOL! That or you got fence-sitters wide-stancing their GOPTea counterparts.