Busta Rhymes Touches Down in Senegal and is Profoundly Moved: Powerful

Watching Busta Rhymes reflect and react to his visit to Senegal and his visit to Gore island where they have the Door of No Return is powerful. I recall how full I was when I returned from Kenya, I felt profoundly changed. I had a different spirit which is with me three years later.  I’m not sure how Busta’s change will manifest itself in future works. Hopefully it makes him step up in ways he never imagined. For the rest of us, may we use this Holiday Season as a launching pad for all of us to return home. We have got to find ourselves and re-center ourselves in 2011.  Its either that or pay a dear price for becoming the very things have oppressed us and we complained about ..


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  1. Well said and here is looking towards a better 2011!

  2. Thanks for this kind of info we’d never get in the regular blogosphere, Davey D! So important to know…

  3. This is an encouraging article for me. I have given up on the idea of rappers seeking anything that may promote a knowledge of self.

    Man, this site offers real articles of substance. This is very refreshing.