Who are the Real Gangstaz? Will You Find Them Within Hip Hop?

Jasiri X and Paradise return with a hard hitting video that challenges the notion of gangstas who the real ones are in 2010..


Paradise the Arkitech of X-Clan and Jasiri X go on location to New York and Chicago to show the world who the Real Gangstas are, you know the ones who collapsed the economy and were rewarded with billions of dollars. Produced my GM3 “Real Gangstas” is not meant to be a diss song, but a defense of young Blacks and Latinos who are made out to be scapegoats for our country’s ills, while the super wealthy continue to add to their tremendous fortunes at the expense of the poor and middle class. Special thanks to Edward 6X for directing the Chicago shoot.

Verse 1
Gangster means organized crime
to exploit the poor or the blind using fortified lies
before you use the word think more than five times
they use to run with the cops they are borderline swine
with a 360 deal still a whore to the signed line
like a child still amazed at how quarters and dimes shine
real gangstas make billions making slaves of civilians
making slaves of ya children making slaves do the killin
really the games brilliant create the pain and the illness
then sell you the medicine that they claim will heal it
Real Gangstas don’t need guns to leave ya brains on the ceiling
they teach ya self hatred and leave ya chained by ya feelings
almost insane from dealing with ya everyday problems
they in every state mobbin doing heavyweight robbin
intimidate congress giving orders to the president
that’s why all were selected before we elected them

Verse 2
If you spent ya whole paycheck and you ain’t even saved yet
and you still in great debt then are you still a slave yes
800 billions in bailouts is what the banks get
Goldman Sachs Merrill Lynch throw up ya gang sets
Money talks but Ebonics isn’t its language
that’s why any black man teaching economics is dangerous
Real Gangstas are the 10% Satan and his apprentices
banking discipline businessmen raping pillaging innocents
master plans intricate Africans witnessed it
at the hands of the wickedest bastards and damn hypocrites
scamming riches with cash derivatives on wall street
then slash ya benefits ask the senators cause they all meet
to send soldiers to secure the Iraq boarder
before BP and Halliburton New Orleans had black water
if ya land resources you getting attacked for it
cause Real Gangstas run the world on the backs of the poorest

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  1. The black man is just a BOY PLAYING GANGSTA…

  2. Man in body boy in mind.

  3. Crip walk to that homey. LMAO

  4. Wrong! Same game that’s been played sense it was discovered that there was money in blacks entertainting whites give’em pennies & work’em like mules! The harder they act the more u think u’ll make. But while getting high & acting tuff, accounting becomes stupid only geeks & nerds do that! & like most black entertainers are in confusion & the money go’s out the back door to the real gangsters!

  5. gangsta nation says:

    There are no gangstas in the world. “Gangsta” is a word that can be attached to anything.

    There are simply smart people and dumb people. Men “in suites” are simply more clever at getting what they want based on the circumstances they’ve been born into. This doesn’t mean they’re smarter perse’, just that their smart enough to get what they want. Usually by staying put and inheriting the lineage of conduct they’ve been exposed to be default.

    In the U.S. If your not born wealthy and don’t have the humility to routinely and vigorously challenge your own assumptions about the world – especially in this day and age- , your basically doomed to the purgatory of the “dumbfuck” class.

    And that’s all “street gangstas” really are….”dumbfuck purgatory”.

  6. @ Gangsta Nation, very well put. I agree 110%. This world seems to be infested with idiots and rats (the 2 legged kind).

    I also believe that the very rich and wealthy who always use their power to subdue the masses (via racism, xenophobia, ignorance, sexism, etc, etc…) are Mentally and Spiritually weak. After all, only a truly weak minded person would feel the need to suppress some one else in order for him/her self to feel good.

  7. publc_nme_no.1 says:

    @ rob:
    ppl use wuteva they may consider better than othaz
    (or lack of) to belittle them: wealth , education, fame, skin darkness/lightness, zipcode, strength, beauty, dam-
    i can go on and on! most of the time, as a matter of fact,
    itz the crabz in the buckt w/u and urself who keep u from progress. i think it can be summed up by one formula: selfishness = evil. solomon was once the richest man on
    earth; i dnt thnk he always used his power to subdue the
    masses. i undastand whn u say spiritually weak, but its the
    strong minded who always lead/suppress.

  8. publc_nme_no.1 says:

    the u.s. govt/this administration r the true gangstaz! half dont pay their taxes but u and me go 2 jail/fined over that. they
    impose healthcare on a nigga tryna say they helpin me, but
    wont listen whn i say i dont want thier help! they bailout their
    campaign contributors but not the mom&pop co’s they
    compete wit. they say they gonna tax the rich to arouse the
    poor’s vote, knowin that those costs wll b passd on by higher
    prices for servcs and goods. they use the media to pit
    groups against one anotha (talk about population control)
    cuz they kno a united ppl is their greatest threat. btw, hiphop
    neva had just one voice- its part of the human experience.

  9. Gangsta nation says:

    “I also believe that the very rich and wealthy who always use their power to subdue the masses (via racism, xenophobia, ignorance, sexism, etc, etc…) are Mentally and Spiritually weak. After all, only a truly weak minded person would feel the need to suppress some one else in order for him/her self to feel good.”

    The rich don’t “always” do anything. In fact there are many rich people that have put billions into philanthropic causes. Look up what Bill Gates and Warren Buffet have just committed to.

    Wealthy people aren’t any more or less “spiritual” than anyone else. They’re just rich and have inherited that role, either by being an entrepreneur like Russel Simmons, by virtue of circumstance like Mark Zuckerberg, or being born into money like George Bush. …and that’s the ONLY difference.

    The spectrum of human nature is exactly the same for both poor and rich people – the only difference is the wealthy have money.

  10. publc_nme_no.1 says:

    ppl think the wealthy r “evil” or “hav it good” when they actually
    hav more ppl tryna take from thm, especially family. bein born
    into wealth sometimes is a curse cuz othaz thnk ur cold or
    they’re cold to u as if u made the choice to b born rich, black, wite, american, have good looks or any of that stuff we had
    nothin to do with while those mite b the very thngs that separate
    and destroy us.