Black US Public Wants Peace, But Black US President Wages War -Black is Back rally in Washington Nov 7th

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 Black US Public Wants Peace, But Black US President Wages War

A Black Agenda Radio commentary by Glen Ford

The Black American image has been tarnished among peace-loving peoples of the planet.”

GlenFordbw-225When the Black is Back Coalition for Social Justice, Peace and Reparations rallies this weekend in Washington DC, it will be expressing the sentiments that have historically made African Americans the most anti-war ethnic group in the United States. Black Americans have been most consistently opposed to U.S. military adventures abroad ever since the major polls began tracking Black opinion. Black opposition to the Iraq war registered most strongly in February, 2003, when the U.S. invasion was only a little over a month away. While majorities of white men and more than a third of white women told pollsters they would favor an invasion even if it killed thousands of innocent Iraqi civilians, only seven percent of African Americans agreed. Hispanics also opposed the invasion back in 2003, although not nearly so strongly as Blacks.

More than 40 years ago, Martin Luther King, Jr., Malcolm X, and Muhammad Ali opposed the Vietnam War and remained icons in Black America because they reflected the views of large segments of their communities, including majorities of Blacks serving in the military.

The outside world had long recognized that African Americans were historically and politically different than their white fellow citizens. In a dramatic example, Iranian students freed their Black captives, along with females, when they seized the American embassy in 1979.

In succeeding decades, Black warmongers gained high profile positions in U.S. government, most notably Colin Powell and Condoleezza Rice. General Powell, as chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, was the televised face of the first Gulf War. As Secretary of State in 2003, Powell disgraced himself at the United Nations, the Black face of a lying government justifying the coming invasion of Iraq. Condoleezza Rice, while George Bush’s national security advisor, raised the specter of an Iraqi “mushroom cloud” to stampede the nation into war. When Rice succeeded Powell as Secretary of State, she dutifully cited Cuba, Burma, North Korea, Iran, Belarus and Zimbabwe as “outposts of tyranny” in the world, and therefore justifiable targets of the United States.

Black America is caught in an historical contradiction.”

The Black American image has been tarnished among peace-loving peoples of the planet. Yet African Americans remain largely true to their traditional anti-war politics, despite having given overwhelming support to a Black president who has introduced the largest military budget in history, claimed the wars in Afghanistan and Pakistan as his own, further militarized the continent of Africa, and expanded U.S. bases and subversion in Latin America.

Black America is caught in an historical contradiction: It is emotionally invested in the first Black president, even as Barack Obama pursues warlike policies historically opposed by African Americans. It’s time to break the spell. The Black is Back Coalition for Social Justice, Peace and Reparations begins the process on Saturday, November 7, at Washington DC’s Malcolm X Park. It’s about time. Hispanics are now slightly more opposed than Blacks to President Obama’s troop escalations in Afghanistan, possibly because Latinos now suffer more casualties than Blacks, but more likely because African Americans find it painful to face the fact that the first Black president is a warmonger.

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Glenn Ford Commentary on Black is Back Rally

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  1. Uncle Cracker says:

    It’s interesting that blacks and latinos are so much against war in other countries but have the highest murder rates amongst each other here in the states and mexico.

  2. Real Real says:

    Good point, Uncle Cracker, they need to focus more on protecting the people at home instead of in the Middle East.. Put the resources and energy into “educating” these folks right here, instead of Iraqi, Afganistan, and Israeli people and there would perhaps be less murder. Save the Middle East, pay our boys to do the “contract work” and defend our country, while locking up all of the blacks and latinos has been the American way for the past nine years. A systematic-Institutionalized oppression will make you turn on yourselves, Uncle Cracker. Its also interesting how whites are so much in favor of war in the middle east and are the most employed as “contractors” and military personnel as, well. Most definitely, systematic-Institutionalized oppression has a lot to do with this, Uncle Cracker.

  3. Uncle Cracker says:

    while locking up all of the blacks and latinos has been the American way for the past nine years.

    Real Real, are you serious? America has only been locking up blacks and latinos for 9 years? I thinks it’s been a bit longer than that but you’re making excuses. Blacks and latinos are not the only ones in those institutions, granted they make up the majority, but you don’t see other races in the same institutions self destructing.
    The majority of whites may be in favor of the war according to statistics but most people I have contact with whether they be white, black, brown, yellow, red or purple – don’t support the war and would rather have our troops back home and let iraq and afghanistan sort out their own problems.
    As far as who is employed in the middle east, well I guess the above article pretty much explains that. If blacks and latinos don’t support the war then why would they apply for contracting jobs in the middle east?
    Systematic Institutionalised oppresion??? Haha, no brotha from Compton is gonna sign on to get his cap peeled back in Iraq for a couple of G’s when he’s making that much in a week selling weed and rocks and rollin on Dub’s in the hood.
    It’s not about oppression, it’s about priorities.

    • Its always funny when fake cats like u Uncle Cracker read a few headlines and then try to act like ur hip .. No one is making money selling weed unless ur doing it from a dispensary.. In fact its hard to make any money selling and open air markets are dead in most places.. Ask around and you’d know that.. Also you wuld know that many of the gangs have actually joined the military for arms training.. So yes the fictional weed seller on the block gang banging is more apt to sign up, learn how to use the weapons and return back home.. We got what we wished for.. .. Anyway I am on my way to Fort Hood.. see whay these crazy institutionalized white folks are shooting up army bases.. Last count that was 30 mass shootings in 2 years.. and I thought the hood was bad..

  4. Real Real says:

    Guess your right, Uncle Cracker, depends on what side of the “bar” you standing on. Basically, who’s shoes “you” wearing in America.

  5. Uncle Cracker says:

    right now I’m wearing Michael Jordans shoes

  6. Uncle Cracker says:

    Ok you got me on the weed, True there ain’t much money to be made with weed only cuz you can’t cut it. The new trick is to ground up glass and mix it with the bud. The crystal look of the glass makes the weed look like better quality bud and the glass itself weighs down the bud so when you think you’re getting a 3.5 of some sticky , you’re really getting a 2.9 of some bammer.
    Now talk about fake cats reading a few headlines and thinking they know what’s up, look at your comment about gangs in the military . Hmmm , I’ve seen a few articles about that lately too. I believe Gangland just did a special on that too. Sounds like that’s where you got your info, but the truth is the military has a screening process to weed the gangsters out. I’m sure a few slip through the cracks but not too many. The ones that are tagggin up Bahgdad are wanna be’s. Last I knew the military doesn’t recruit people with felonies, which excludes many gangsters with drug, weapon or violent crimes. Most branches you need a diploma and /or 15 college credits, no gang tattoos and I believe they’re even cracking down on any visible tattoos period. So this pretty much excludes the majority of hard core gangsters.
    As for going to see why the crazy white folk are shooting up the army bases yo’re going to have to go somewhere other than Fort Hood. Rumor is the shooter was a Muslim. Imagine that.
    And don’t worry Davey, the hoods still bad they just don’t report on shit that happens every day.

    • No sorry Uncle Cracker.. dont watch much gangland.. maybe u do.. nor do I read a few headlines..although Nightline and 20/20 did specials on this.. I’m well aware of screening process and felony checks.. U wanna get the information just talk to a recruiter.. which I’ve done, or better yet talk to former recruiters..who will let u know how corners are cut.. there u can hear about people being encouraged to join before they get felonies..Getting a GED is all thats needed.. I know cause I have a few cousins who are there now..
      I’ve done shows on this going back to 91, 92 during the first gulf war where concerns were raised about unsavory folks including paramilitary cats who were joining.. so it’s not a new phenom.. maybe its making headlines now.. ..U only need a couple of guys, wannabes or included to share the info witha crew..
      As for him being Muslim.. still white.. and yes the not everything is reported in the hood just like everything isn’t reported in the barracks..
      Winter soldiers unveiled that…
      My larger point is cracker is that we have fucked up stituations all the way around..and it would best to jsut acknowledge that and not take shots at folks who feel they’re trying to make a difference… If u have a different take on things by all means share, but save the racist venom for someone else..or direct at the people who shot at you….

  7. Uncle Cracker says:

    Davey, maybe my approach was off point. I did come to your blog without introducing myself and made a comment the obviously rubbed you the wrong way. I appologize for that but honestly I think the name I used is what is rubbing you the wrong way. If I said my name was Jamal and altered my first comment just a tad to say some thing like ” It’s sad that brothas and sistas are so against the war but we have the highest murder rates amongst each other here in the states” – you probabley would have agreed with me and Real Real probley wouldn’t have felt the need to use my name 3 times in one paragraph either. You just got your gaurd up cuz I’m a admitted “cracker”. I wasn’t spitting any venom or making racist views. That’s just your defence mechanism working OT.
    But you know what, I didn’t come here to disrespect you or your blog. I gave an opinion and you obviously don’t want to here opinions that differ from your own.
    Your comment about doing shows in ’91/’92 about unsavory folks joining the military is something I agree with and kinda touches on the point I was trying to make. I believe in the first Gulf War we probaley did have more “unsavory folks” joining up. I think this time around the military has wisened up a little bit as to who is joining their ranks and for what purpose. As far as the GED goes, hey maybe you’re right, or maybe it depends on the recruiter too. When I tried to join thye Marine Corps with only GED I was told to come back with 15 college credits, but it’s posible they lower the standards during war time to enlist more recruits. But yeah I have talked to recruiters and forrmer recruiters.
    Anyway, you’re right WE do have f’d up situations all around no matter what color we are.
    So you’re new topic you discuss PTSD. I was just talking to a friend about PTSD and gangs last weekend. We were watching Baron Davis MAde In America and I was mentioning how it’s kinda sad that we don’t have anything in place to deal with the PTSD that gangsters suffer after years of being caught up in the game. I’m sure the majority of society feels that it’s a decision these guy’s made so they should deal with the consiquences and that may be true, but unfotunatly we still have a bunch of OG’sand even some YG’s that seen alot and been through alot and don’t know how to deal with the issues they may have.

    • Thanks for the clarification.. I don’t have a problem with differing opinions..If I did I would merely press delete which I never did..or resort to name calling.. at the same time I will engage a convo or challenge something I disagree with.. Thanks for leveling allows us to build more effeciently..


  8. Uncle Cracker says:

    It’s your blog Davey, you have every right to challenge something you disagree with. I did feel that comming off calling me a fake was a form of name calling though. I think Real Real’s response was a bit more tactful even though maybe a little tounge in cheeck but hey like I said maybe I came off on the wrong foot too.

  9. Uncle Cracker says:

    Peace to you too my man.

  10. Davey, I would’ve liked you to have taken Uncle cracker to task about the crimes that Whites commit that are under-reported and represented in the News. Please let’s not forget. It is crucial to remember that the very first perpetrators of hostilities, deniars of human Rights, committers of all sorts of acts of forcing profit by the physical labor and taxing of others is “Da White Man” from the beginnng of what is called America. Although others possesed the land and lived on it thousands of years before a pilgrim set his foot on this land. These people haven’t changed but have altered the way they commit their acts of debauchery. So before you go to shaking hands with the Cracker above please understand that he is still a racist who is trying to point at what blacks do altogether ommitting what “White folks have done and do”. If you look at the serial killings, organized crime, unorganized crime that white people committ you will find that blacks and latinos do not murder more than they do. If you look at how black people are much more likely to be executed for killing a white you will see that they still play the game of discrimnating. If you look at how whites are let off for crimes they commit only to go on and reek havoc on society by public shootings, serial killings, abductions followed by murder, and other crimes then you know that Crackers are still at it. They are simply better at hiding it. Because hell they control so much.
    And seriously is it really different of a game if a white serial killer kills 10-15 people in his life than a gang banger who kills the same? I say, hell no! So I take to task his first assertion, which sounds like repeated drivel. This Cracker is only trying to encourage the maintaining of the status quo by even mentioning that blacks should worry more about their own situations instead of the middle east as if African Americans shouldn’t have an opinion based on what SOME blacks do. Whites commit a lot of violent acts as well please do not allow this fool to sway you. Surely, they should be concerned about comitting more acts of imperialistic murder and thievery considering their past and present. Look at Enron and the Bernard Maddoff Ponzi scheme. The acts they committ have SO MUCH more of a devastating effect on the people that they commit them on than the damn drug dealer in the hood. Though the drug dealer’s behavior still does a great harm to all involved. Does that stop these MOFOs from contiuing in the way they always have? Cracker has failed to mention that most black people are decent, hard working people who as Americans have the right to debate Americas’s behaviors. If this Cracker was serious he would have more concern about taking his own to task about their behavior and the way that whites love to stride in maintaining white supremacy. This is how people like him get a pass on acknowledging that drugs were and are provided for the black community to do itself off. Not that I care for any scum bag that sells drugs in the hood, but he got his drugs from somewhere. And also his behavior is indicative of the poor state that he comes from as well as the attitude of the American Way. Which is to screw others over so you get what you want. You know, stepping on necks to get to the top.

  11. Watchinstuff says:

    TO Davey D, oops, I placed your name as my name.
    I wanted to state further that I believe it is the behavior of white America that has contributed to the making of a drug dealin’ gang banging beings like that that you find in the hood. And let me state that these people do a great disservice to the black community and debilitate certain areas of the black community. So what they do is just as devastating as what whites do. But it is a great mistake to call out their behavior as being worse than what whites do. The arrogance behind that is just horrible. But it is what allows whites to keep their game firmly in place. Again it was white America that denied the very same people that built this land the right to education, sustenance, health care. It was white America that by enslavement ensured that Blacks as well as Native Americans were placed in a position of being behind whites all for the purpose of keeping them on top. With acts like Jim Crow and Black codes they were intended to limit the progress of blacks. And they damn near removed Native americans out of the scenario at all.

    Have racist whites gone back and clarified those behaviors as being WRONG and even granting reparations for the hundreds of years of free labor that they’ve gotten so that blacks who were forced behind could gain ground.

    Have whites acknowledged what the profits were that they gained from the institution of slavery and the years follwoing slavery with Jim Crow and Black codes. Have they acknowledged how they yet made profit off of blacks after slavery by denying them Civil Rights but forcing them to work for cracker for meagerly wages as they continued to own buisnesses and make money from the very blacks they refused to sit beside?

    All of this has direct connection to the American attitude about War and everything else in this society.

    Some wacko whites defend even now warfare in Iraq even after George W Bush admitted that he had wrong intelligence. While some of them will speak out and make protests they are small in comparison to those who range from indifferent to overly supportive of it.

    And this has not changed how America has always functioned. Even during slavery when these people knew they were doing wrong there was only a small portion of white America speaking up against the brutal acts of slavery. And even the abolishionist felt that blacks were inferior to them although they felt that they were being mistreated.

    During the Civil rights movement you had a small portion of White America that stood alongside Black America pleading for Cracker to get his foot off the black man’s neck.

    In the American history books you would barely know the contributions that blacks have made to this society. White America and a few black stoogies want everyone to hail this country great while the very people mentioned in them commited horrific acts upon Africans.

    Has that changed? Hell no! The basic attitude of America is to conquer and relish in arrogance.