Is Beanie Sigel Relying Up on Another Grown Man to Take Care of Him?


Why Is a Grown Man Depending on Another Grown Man?

Written by BIG CED of Industry co-sign

bigced-potraitOK, I will say this, I haven’t heard the Beanie Sigel song yet but I am amazed that a grown ass man is relying on another grown man to take care of him. Now, my beef with Hip Hop and the mentality of the Black community is that if my man is of a certain status or he is a celebrity, he should be taking care of me. What kind of bullshit is that? Yes, it’s cool when an artist brings his boys with him when he gets put on, but the ignorance factor usually ends up hurting an artist who is trying to have a successful career. The artist is being loyal and I understand that, but if your ignorant boys are preventing you from making money, are they really your boys?

Most times, when an artist is in any trouble, more than likely, it’s one of his boys that is causing problems but the artist gets the attention from it, even though he may not have had anything to do with it. But people don’t see the artist’s boy, they see who the boy is hanging out with and attributes that problem to that artist. But, instead of containing his boy, he, instead, allows his boy to continue being an ass and preventing him from elevating his career, thus limiting or eliminating the financial earning aspect of the artist. All of this in the name of staying loyal or being concerned of being labeled a sellout if he cuts his boy off.


Beanie Sigel

So, when an artist finally realizes that his earning potential increases once he leaves his boys alone, he does the right thing for his business and then is labeled as a betrayer because he starts to think about his longevity in his career. But, if his boys were really his boys, they would stop the ignorant shit or allow him to make his money and have a successful career but the ignorance factor is so high that it usually leads to these same characters beefing that their man thinks he’s too large for them. This primarily happens in the Hip Hop/Black community where a lot of people would rather see their peoples on the corners than on their own property.

So, for a grown man to say that he is upset or disappointed that another man hasn’t taken care of him, I can’t respect a man who isn’t or hasn’t thought about taking care of himself. Unless that man is my father and I am unable to take care of myself, then there is NO WAY I should be relying on another man who doesn’t share my DNA to take care of me and mine.

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  1. Atheist Illyas says:

    If you heard the song you would already understand that it nullifies this article as a grown man trying to take care of a grown man. He said give me my walking papers to sum it all up so I can make more money on my own: in addition, he also stated when he asked to be released to instead saying let us get our lawyers together to resolve this Jay says to Beanie you need any money and Beanie said you aint Santa Claus and I’m not sitting on your lap. Don’t just listen to the Jay-Z conference and make your silly article. This was article was well written but doesn’t put the their beef in context. Step it up.

  2. Great article & I agree.I’m tired of grown men in the black community expecting another man who has worked 4 his money 2 take care of them. I don’t understand when people say Beanie’s beef is not about Jay taking care of him. Ummm didn’t Beanie point out that they didn’t help him financially with his case? Didn’t he say Jay didn’t take care of him like 50 did with the Gunit, even complained about the Young Guns money that has nothing to do with him really… so yes Beanie did expect Jay to take care of him. & his whole beef is mainly about money & not being taken care of. How many bosses really pay 4 their employees court cases?? I’ll wait……!!!Kanye didn’t have it easy didn’t anyone give him a handout he worked and hustled hard for his spot why can’t any of them on the Roc do the same?? Heck Jay gave Beanie his spot & left Kanye out there and he still didn’t take advantage of it so thats his problem not Jay or Dame’s Dash.

  3. “OK, I will say this, I haven’t heard the Beanie Sigel song yet but I am amazed that a grown ass man is relying on another grown man to take care of him.”

    I stopped reading after this. Step your game up. At least do the research before going on rants.

  4. Quit yer bitchin, I say! You could have gotten a real job a long time ago but you wanted to be in an “entourage” (even the crew on HBO has gotten a bit ridiculous…..). Relying on “your boy” is tantamount to being a slave. Give me free!!

  5. King Byron says:

    Peace, I feeling your post. I read a comment that said Sigel felt slighted for not being on BP3 – Wasn’t he just on American Gangsta? BP1 Jay was talking about what he was trying to do for Sigel. I find it amazing. Members of State P were mad at him, he was mad at Dame and Dame mad at Jay. Now he is. Jay said it earlier, “Sensitive thugs they all need hugs…”

  6. All Eye Seeing says:

    I have two words for Beanie Sigel. “Kanye West”!. Kanye did far more with far less support from the Rock initially and didn’t make any excuses. I think Beans is a talented MC but I lost some respect from him as a Man. If it looks like whining, and sounds like whining it’s whining. The fact that Beans is dope might fool some people into sympathizing with him and add to peoples already predetermined hate on jay.

    A nigga can’t get mad at Jay he’s focussed, I’m sure he had to make some sacrifices and realize he had to shake people who embraced character traits that would compromise his plan to accomplish his goals and maybe he made some harsh choices but at the end of the day everyone involved in that cipher have no excuses for not prevailing. They have to take responsibility for their own decisions.

  7. Robert Jr. James McClendon says:

    Jay Z really ain’t got time for Beanie Siegel. All that “real nigga” and “crew” stuff goes out of the window when jews like Lyor Cohen get in your ear. Jay Z said in Canada that Beanie only sold like 800,000 records and had a clothing line, what more does he want? Beanie says Jay Z owes him a “Conversation”. About what?! Speaking of “New Jack City” – all this talk about “brothers keepers” (what the Bible story says Cain asked God after he killed his brother Able) and stuff, in the end it was the old guy that warned the “idolater”. He said when he first confronted Nino Brown, “You got all these people around you like you God almighty (Jehovah)”. They are really playing with symbols that they know nothing about. That’s something Beanie and Jay Z need to obviously work out, controversey sells, “truth” hurts.

  8. shone jones says:

    i’ll take “acting white/old man Jay-Z anyday over a 30 something year old guy rocking tattoos and claiming Blood That’s just some nonsense..

    One thing i can say about Jay as opposed to Baby or a lot of “rap moguls” he’s not self conscious about what the “hood” might think… you can’t let the hood define you forever..

  9. 18thletter says:

    listen to the song and his interview with Charlamagne the God before you write about shit you don’t fully understand

  10. Did you really just write an article on what you THINK happened? Did someone else take over this blog? That’s a pretty weird lapse in your usual diligence.

    • Justin.. Due diligence would be to read who wrote the blog.. That wasn’t me.. But with that being said.. there’s nothing to think about, because Beanie has given several interviews running down his situation.. Most people heard the interviews before the song, thus its fair to weigh in and offer an opinion since he made his beef public both in song and interview..

  11. Reading comprehension used to be my strong suit, too…shameful.

  12. I didn’t see where Beans was looking for a hand out. What I did see was that he claims Jay never once visited him or wrote him when he was locked up.I am fortunate to have made it out of the hood, but there’s been times when mu back home homies have been locked up. Never coming out of pocket, I did pay each and every one of my true friends a visit at Rikers and I wrote as well. It seems a lil off putting when a ‘friend’ doesn’t check ones welfare when they’re down. So I get Beans’ point. I also see Jay’s. Most effd up thing is all it takes is a phone call to straighten shit out. That’s all.

  13. L2M1, Said:
    Quit yer bitchin, I say! You could have gotten a real job a long time ago but you wanted to be in an “entourage” (even the crew on HBO has gotten a bit ridiculous…..). Relying on “your boy” is tantamount to being a slave. Give me free!!



    Relying on “YOUR GOOD JOB” is tantamount to being a slave. Give me free!!

  14. Sorry but this is terrible journalism…Don’t write about things that you haven’t taken the time to investigate. If someone gave a radio interview and released a song, it’s crucial to research BOTH before commenting. It doesn’t take much time to go online and do your homework. It’s a 7 min audio file for crying out loud. Would it have killed him to take the time to be thorough?

  15. I appreciate the responses to my article. Let me point out a major point and it may be my fault for not pointing it out in the piece. This article is NOT about Beanie Sigel! I referenced him to make a point. This article is about grown men expecting other grown men to take care of them. PLEASE read what is written and you will understand my point!! thanks once again and ALL comments are welcomed!!!

  16. Fuck Beanie Sigel.

  17. Dotty Rock Emcee says:

    This You Tube post was obviously changed. These “new jack” industry folks writing on here need to quit it! This is not what was posted yesterday. Beanie probably rold him he’s going to fuck this guy up or Lyor Cohen industry boys reach out at him.

  18. Lawlisceoul says:

    I’m not a businessman , I’m a “BUSINESS” man! Let me handle my business DAMN!!!!!

  19. VA Representative says:

    I don’t know the ends and outs of the music business but in my opinion what hurt Beens was going to jail … and that’s not Jays fault I’m amazed how quickly people forget all they had and refuse to accept responsibility for the decisions they make in life. Memphis Bleek never had a clothing line or a record label (that I’m aware of) and Bleek has been with J since Reasonable Doubt, you don’t hear Bleek complaining about what Jay did or didn’t do for him and they grew up in Marcy Projects together.

    I liked Beens older material but he isn’t relevant anymore and going to G-Unit isn’t going to fix that either … ask MOP & Mobb Deep. 50 is a instigator and knows how to stir *ish up and this signing of Beens is just to get at Jay just like Jay working with Wayne was a shot at 50 (in my opinion)

    Real talk they are millionaires and I’m scrambling to keep my financial situation right to support my family so honestly I just want artist to make music all of this talking back and forth is very high school to me.

  20. Bean’s is a complete idiot. He had a chance to get paid but choose to live that fake ass gangster life style. I’m from Philly and I never ever heard of any one name Beanie Siegel, except the mobster from New York City. Beans took the name from Siegel Street in south Philly, I never heard of him running shit down there in south Philly. Jay-z don’t owe him anything, Dame Dash (who by the way comes from a good family and not from the hood) talked beans into acting like a stupid ass gangster. Beans is mad at himself for being a follower and a fake as gangster, now he’s broke with a prison record. If you a real gangster, go get that money like gangsters get it. Do you Beans and stop crying about Jay.