1. Robert Jr. James McClendon says:

    A rumor is going around that Marc Lamont got fired from Fox and is being replaced by Juan Williams. Is this true?

  2. Ahahahahahahaha! Davey this is great!!! I can’t wait to see this on his page! He has been MIA today. I think he’s trying to back out of his end of the bet! Smh!!

  3. Robert Jr. James McClendon says:

    Yeah, it is true. Fox fired him. Jews did him in at some shareholders meeting asking after he debated with David Horowitz;, who called him an “affirmative action baby”, about Hill’s “reputation of defending cop killers and racists”. When I tell you all jews own this shit, these mother fuckers own it and will let you know. Calling somebody an “affirmative action baby”. These so-called Holocaust Surviving, no-talented, stealing everything from Black people, wicked people must be stopped!. Rupert Murdoch, David Horrowitz, Charlie Ahearn, Lyor Cohen, the list doesn’t stop. Sorry you lost your job, Brother. But the truth is going to come out about these wicked people. They got people on all sides collecting all of the money. God is going to step in. Its called karma, GOD, HELP MY PEOPLE!

  4. lmao!

  5. Hill’s had a bad enough week as it is and then his Eagles have to choke against the worst team in football.

  6. Robert Jr. James McClendon says:

    Apparently this Lamont dude still don’t know why he got fired. He saying they fired him by e-mail alert. What type of shit?! People like Rupert Murdoch, David Horowitz, and them have no respect for Black people. When will “we” learn? Need to interview this guy Davey D. We fight pretty good for the “undocumented workers”, homosexuals, and others, let’s’ hear about your man – one of our own.

  7. Davey D is an undercover homo himself. Didn’t ya’ll know that?

  8. I believe Black Enterprise (BE) magazine has him as the new host of one of its synidcated shows (forgot the name, but BE magazine has advertisement of Hill as the new host in its magazines.

    Also, I will give the Raiders credit as they could beat my projected bet of at least 8-8 this season. However, they are going to have to win out the remainder of the season to get into the playoffs. Also, can the Raider Nation go to the freaking games to avoid the Blackouts. Hell, my Niners suck (yes, I said it no thanks to Alex “It is not my Fault” Smith, The Dorks and Singletary’s inability to open up the offense), but we sell out. Anyway, good luck Raiders…