G20 Summit-Jasiri X Report Back-Pittsburgh Police State

Pittsburgh’s G-20 City on LOCKDOWN!

by Jasiri X


Jasiri X & Paradise Inside Homeland Security Protestor Cages

Jasiri X & Paradise Inside Homeland Security Protestor Cages

This is footage taken on September 22, 2009 the day before the G-20 Summit officially hit Pittsburgh. This video show the incredible extent the City of Pittsburgh went to lock down the city and prevent anyone especially protesters from coming into downtown. With metal fences surrounding it’s perimeter Pittsburgh has once again become the City of Steel. The Legendary Jimi Hendrix provides the theme music.








This video was taken Wednesday September 23rd the day before the G-20 summit began in Pittsburgh over a span of an hour. The police and military deployment numbers were compounded by the fact that there was so few “regular” people in downtown Pittsburgh due to the fear people had of protesters “tearing up” the city. The irony was that all around the city are signs that say, “Pittsburgh Welcomes the World” yet the intimidating presence of so many police had the exact opposite effect. When we came across the bridge into downtown, police immediately began to take our pictures, which is why I used a song I record called “Watch Em” featuring K-Link as the soundtrack. As I write this police are firing tear gas at a protesters marching without a permit. Crazy.

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  1. I couldn’t believe the amount of security, what it actually looked like in a city I’ve been around my whole life. Great stuff. I actually spent a couple of days there and wrote about how crazy things got.

  2. WIllie Stoker says:

    With all the heathens on the street this was necessary for the protection of the decent citizens and property.
    Radicals always cause problems in situations like this and the cost to the tax payers is excessive. this money could be better used to feed the hungry or some other charitable cause.
    It is unfortunate that there are people who would cause such disruptions.