Interview w/ DJ Pam the Funkstress aka the Party Slapper



We caught up with one of the Bay Area’s most enduring legends-DJ Pam the Funkstress. You may know her as the woman who holds down Boots Riley of the Coup as she gets busy on the turn tables.

Pam is a pioneer in the Bay Area Hip Hop scene. She started off back in the mid 80s as producer for a now defunct all female rap group. She still produces but has also become a stellar DJ who rocks parties weekly and a restaurant owner where she herself cooks the food. If that’s not enough Pam has been training with DJ Q-Bert.. Sit back and enjoy as she lets loose about her-story..

-Davey D-

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DJ Pam the Funkstrees the Party Slapper

DJ Pam the Funkstrees the Party Slapper


  1. Pam is an amazing DJ and an amazing person. Few women in Hip-Hop can compete with her skill, her knowledge, and certainly- her cooooking!!! If you aint never had a Pam crabcake than shup upppp!!! LOL


  2. Pam is the homie and incredibly talented. Her personality and openess is what continues to draw the masses to her. She deserves every positive thing that comes her way. Did I mention that she can cook her @#$ off too? Hey Pam, we will see you this sunday as discussed!