All Female (B-Girl) Hip Hop Dance Crew from Texas Wrecks Shop


The great state of Texas is full of talent especially in the world of Hip Hop. We caught up with an all female crew with members hailing from Dallas, Houston and Austin to find out the challenges and triumphs the group has endured over the two years they been together.



  1. Yo I’m tha best out here in tx they call me jon dough reppin that grownfolkmuzzik ish. comin soon my nig and check out that myboy teelee killin em TEXAS baby one

  2. It’s a pitty that Vera has left the band!It is? not worth existing without her!!!

  3. Do you believe in an after-life?

  4. adorei muito criativo parabens BRASIL É TUDO DE BOM

  5. adorei muito so pra vcs saber eu sou brasileira

  6. firefli says:

    I’ve been having a hard time finding some bgirls to join or crew in Houston…when she said that there aren’t a lot of them around Texas, I kinda get why it’s taking a while to find some.