Fox News Pundit Marc Lamont Hill Speaks about Van Jones, Attacks from the Right & Holding Obama & Dems Accountable



Fox news Pundit Professor Marc Lamont Hill gives up alot of jewels on how we should be dealing with relentless right wing attacks

Fox news Pundit Professor Marc Lamont Hill gives up alot of jewels on how we should be dealing with relentless right wing attacks

We sat down and spoke with Professor Marc Lamont Hill of Columbia University and Fox News.. We spoke with him on a variety of topics including the controversy surrounding former Obama advisor Van Jones who was forced to retire.

Hill talked honestly about the types of mindsets many of his colleagues like Glenn Beck and Sean Hannity have when it comes to dealing with the Left and what sort of steps we as young people, members of the Hip Hop generation, communities of color and progressives need to do in the face of relentless attacks.

Hill noted that many on the right see the removal of Van Jones as an indication that there is a serious soft spot within the Obama administration  and among those who identify with the left. They understand that if they kick up enough dust and yell real loud there will be some sort of concessions made.  They know that if they jump start a campaign that targets people within the administration there is a likelihood at the very least they will get an apology from President Obama and the person targeted being tossed under the proverbial political bus.

Hill talks about how its important that people who helped put Barack Obama into office hold him accountable and that they not blindly vote for people without having them promise to champion important issues. Young people, members of the Hip Hop generation, progressives and communities of color can not afford to remain silent

We asked Professor Hill, if his fellow pundits actually belive some of the outlandish claims they make and put out over the airwaves i.e Birther claims. Hill said that O’Reilly to his credit is not into the Birther claims, but Hannity and Beck definitely believe in the stuff they put out and are willing to ride hard for them. He talked about how Hannity once remarked that he could not believe Obama won the Presidency after he spent two years throwing everything at him.

Hill noted that there are many on the left who are quick to give up  and try to make friends with a group of people who absolutely will smash on you and take no prisoners. Hill also talked about the short sightedness we have in believing we should ease back on our demands and let Obama ‘have time to figure things out’. He said if you keep doing that you will find issues for poor people and Black people on the back burner and eventually off the table.  He scoffed at the notion that Obama has somehow been doing a strategic ‘rope a dope’ act where he is luring his right wing attackers into a trap.  Hill noted that no one allows their popularity to dip below 50% and members of their staff to be picked off.

He encouraged folks to organize and seek alternate sources of information and start pushing their issues to the forefront and not to let up until they are addressed. He said it was extremely important that we look at the upcoming 2010 midterm elections where Congress and Senate seats are up for grabs. he said thats the time to hold folks to the fire. he also said young people and progressive need to be working toward starting or joining a third party that best suits their political needs.

This interview is very eye opening…The piodcast is the full 30 minute interview

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Below are brief  excerpts from our Interview w/ Marc Lamont Hill

Here he speaks about Van Jones and the relentless atacks of the right

Here Marc Lamont Hill speaks about Black leadership and holding Obama and The Democrats accountable


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  1. I actually caught a few moments of this interview when, somehow, my curiosity had me turning to FoxNews and Bill’Os show. He had some decent write-ups over on The Root.


  2. Robert Jr. James McClendon says:

    Based on what I read so far this guy is on the money about there being a “Soft-spot” with Obama. Shoot, they learned from Rev. Wright that Obama would back off any time pressure was applied. Didn’t read the entire article, yet, but the young brother knows the deal. Obama’s too weak. A least Bush stuck to his guns, right or wrong. No one respects a wishy-washy dude, especially not a black one that was “put” in a position of authority. Hip-hop better do what hip-hop does, make records, because the same folks who control hip-hop (helping ignorant people – hurt our people) and the media are the same people that put Obama in office. So, you know…

  3. Robert Jr. James McClendon says:

    We need a James Evans brother from “Good Times” type brother in the white house, not a Heathcliff Huxtable “Cosby Show’ black male who “never” dealt with real black issues. After listening to the video, the brother was absolutley right about black people being pushed off the table. Obama’s presence nuetralizes Black America, Black people just haven’t caught on, yet. I tell my kids, “you never let no one take your heart, because once one kid does it, they are all going to take you heart, because you a punk”. I guess Obama’s mother and grand parents never taught him that code of the streets. This guy was on the money, Davey D..

  4. I caught a lot of flack from people during the run up to the election for saying this same thing and I’m genuinly sorry I was right. dude is a tool, a shiny new mask for corporate america to hide behind while they keep right on fucking hte rest of us. I said it in my songs (‘None of the Above’ off my last album), I said idt in half a dozen posts on my blog, and I’m gonna keep right on saying it. having a black face in a high place doesn’t do shit for the left if it’s really just blackface.

    fuck obama, change is gonna come from the streets or it’s not gonna come at all. and anyone who thinks differently is fooling themselves.

  5. I remember when marc got his media start on Black Men Screaming a local public access cable show in brooklyn.

  6. Robert Jr. James McClendon says:

    Now, you all knowiI don’t have no love for those who push hip-hop on my people and I do not normally quote hip-hop andd movie artist to make my point, but if Tupac was alive he’d probably say about Obama what he said about Q in the movie “Juice” – “DIS NIGGAH SCARED!” 🙂

  7. Robert Jr. James McClendon says:

    Damn, what’s amazing, Davey D, is that I was searching on line and you did an interview with Michael Eric Dyson and he said the same thing about Obama . I don’t normally listen to Dyson, but scarey. I see that Cornell West, Michael Dyson, and others aren’t so blinded by the “blackness”.

  8. like it was once said the revolution will not be televised…nor will it come from the internet either, like lynx said change will come from the streets.


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