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Y'all better get your Michael Vick jersey's  today

Y'all better get your Michael Vick jersey's today

 With today’s announcement that former Atlanta Falcon’s quarterback Michael Vick  is off probation and free to pursue to do as he sees fit, I along with many others are looking to see if he’ll be allowed to come back to the NFL. If he does there is only one city that he can host him, treat him right and celebrate him even if PETA shows up with a million people.

That’s right folks Michael Vick is a Raider.  We knew that when he first stepped foot on the field, but the conspiracy the NFL has launched against the Silver & Black made it almost impossible for him to come home to the Silver and Black. But now the world is watching and lets keep it real.. Vick has a commitment to excellence. He would put Oakland which is already a bustling city center stage.. and he could take us down the road to win a Superbowl..As for PETA protests.. forget about it. a PETA protest in Oakland will only add to our notorious image which will be good for sales.  Plus knowing how cats get out here, they might purposely stage dog fights during tailgate parties just to make their point.  Oakland doesn’t take orders who shiver in fear from PETA unlike other cities.

Mistah Fab Oakland’s freestyle King could do a Freestyle for him.

MC Hammer who has a reality show popping off right now could work Vick into one of the episodes.

He could get a motorcycle and ride with the Eastbay Dragons thus enhancing his outlaw image and getting even more love from Tha Town

If a motocycle ain’t his thing he could hook up with the Scraper Bike Kids and ride with them.. and get extra props.

DJ Sake 1 or DJ Russell gatewood who are both die-hard Raider fan inspite being from ‘The Sco (San Francisco) could spin at the big Welcome to Oakland Big Dog Party-hosted by E-40 another diehard raider fan..It could take place at the new nighhtclub Town Hall

With Vick coming to the Oakland could be a good benefit for Los Angeles. Vick would be such a huge draw. His presence would be felt throughout the Bay like a California earthquake . He would have so many fans that the rival SF 49ers who have been wanting to move out of San Francisco , would not have alot of folks attending their games and thus could move to LA which is without a team.. Its would be a Win Win for everyone.

The best reason for Vick coming to Oakland would mean that he gurantees that the SuckBurgh Steelers will not win a 7th Superbowl

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  1. missmotorcade (@WY20) says:

    i must say – i couldn’t have thought of a better fit myself. vick to the raiders. love it!

  2. You are a genius. I bet Al Davis is way ahead of you, the only problem is that Vick people may not want the symbolism. The Raiders and the Oakland family would be the only one to give Mike the love and protection he needs.