Wise Intelligent Speaks: Trenton Police Shoot, Kill a Man Last Night



It was just a few days ago that we ran the article of Wise Intelligent being falsely arrested. Sadly this type of over the top behavior is what Wise Intelligent was trying to avoid.. Police terror is at an all-time high.I said it before and I’ll say it again, whats taking place is alow grade one sided war of sorts. brothers are being picked off left and right by the police..

-Davey D-


Trenton Police Shoot, Kill man last night (7/16/09)

Wise Intelligent Speaks on yet another incident of police terror

Wise Intelligent Speaks on yet another incident of police terror

On Wednesday July 8, 2009 here is what I was lucky to avoid in Trenton, New Jersey. This is the environment we as black men are embedded in. Regardless of our vocation, lawyer, doctor, beggar, thief, rapper, activist, youth program director or civilian on a path train enjoying New Years Eve; ala Oscar Grant, we are subject to inhumane treatment by “law” enforcement officers that come to the job with a less than human view of black people. This brother had a 7 inch knife (including the handle) in hand. He ran from the police and into his child’s grandfathers home. Police pursued him to the home, he ran out of the back door where he was confronted by several officers brandishing firearms. Of course the official police report says this scared brother who was already running from the police “lunged” at them with a knife? The report says there were more than 20 cops on the scene, police dogs, etc. I can hardly believe that unless police officers are trained to “shoot to kill” they could not subdue this suspect without open firing with multiple gunshots killing this man? Are police officers trained to “shoot to kill”?, or have they through America’s history of devaluing black life, in effect been trained to kill black people? To add insult to injury police officers arrested the grandfather for “giving the suspect shelter in his house” when they admit the suspect “ran” into the elderly mans home? This is colonial era policing! Oppression by any other name is still oppression….

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Police shoot, kill suspect
Man wielded knife in incident
Thursday, July 16, 2009


TRENTON — City police shot and killed a man who was carrying a knife on Stuyvesant Avenue last night, officials said.

The unidentified man was wanted following an earlier call reporting a man with a gun, Capt. Joe Juniak said. Based on a description, officers spotted the man on Prospect Street at 7:02 p.m.

Juniak said the man fled from the officers, running to Stuyvesant Avenue, where he entered a house on the 400 block. With marked cars and uniformed officers pursuing him, the suspect fled out the back of the house and onto the avenue, police said. At this point, Juniak said, the suspect was armed with a knife.

In front of 475 Stuyvesant, the man was confronted by officers with guns drawn. Juniak said the suspect lunged at the officers, and they fired, striking the man.

He was taken to Capital Health at Fuld, where he died of his inju ries just before 8:30 p.m.
At the Stuyvesant intersection with Linwood Avenue, people lined their porches in the fading sunlight and watched police pacing back and forth on the street, in and out of the house. The street was shut down for several blocks and lined with crime scene tape.

“They had to shoot him?” one man wondered aloud to his friends sitting behind him on the porch. “Twenty cops, right there.”

The man said the suspect had been carrying a seven-and-a-half inch knife.
A young man on the porch said police had fired three times.

“All I heard was, ‘Toot, toot, toot,'” he said.

Officials confirmed the man had been shot multiple times. One woman who knew the man who had been shot, but not his name, wondered why police didn’t at tempt to wound their suspect.
“You could have shot him one time in the leg. He would have been down,” a woman said. “He’s skin and bones anyway.”

An elderly man in handcuffs sat uncomfortably on the front stoop, guarded by police. Neighbors said he was the grandfather of the man’s child, under arrest for allegedly giving the suspect shelter in his house.
Juniak said that over 30 law enforcement officers were on the scene last night beginning an investigation.

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  1. I remember Wise Intelligent from PRT back in the Video Music Box Days.

    I have a MySpace page that wouldn’t exist if it wasn’t for Wise. He added me as a friend. I had forgotten I had that page. So now the page is up and running because of Wise Intelligent. That’s real talk.

    I never forget this hood chick I was sitting with one night. She started spitting Wise Intelligent’s lyrics verse by verse. I always had a crush on that chick. She was hard (like boxing dudes in the street).

    Naughty went through the same thing with the jakes in Brick City.

    When Whitman was in office, they had us locked down in this area. And they wasnt’ even the local officers.

    But we have to keep pushin. Any form of race supremacy is bad business for anybody. Sometimes I feel like I fight alone. God is always with me.

    But I’m encouraged by brothers like Wise Intelligence.