Comedian Dave Arnold Rips the BET Awards



Here’s a humorous yet poignant take on the BET Awards by comedian Dave Arnold. I first saw this a couple of days ago on Facebook.. I’m glad he posted this on youtube so folks outside that net work can enjoy his take…

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  1. David Muhammad says:

    This sh*t was hella funny,im just glad i didnt see the actual award ceremony,bcuz i’ve been getting the same kinda feedback and BET hasnt been a light in the Black community for quite sometime.

  2. Hilarious. On point. My sentiments exactly!!!!

  3. Robert Jr. James McClendon says:

    I do not know that old head “New Jack” comedian, but the truth hurts so bad that you got to laugh. Right on, Brother, minus the “N” and “B” words.

  4. Aquatic Groove says:

    Taking it from someone who hasn’t listened to radio since 99 I took great pride that I hadn’t even heard of half those newbie so called “artists”of which whose songs sounded like the same 1 after the other. I can’t BELIEVE people think cats like Soulja Boy is talented…what the “f” were you talking about Jamie when you said this cat is so talented he can just rap about walking down the street (or something like that). C’mon dawg how much were you paid to say THAT……. if I don’t like it I don’t like it that don’t mean that I’m hatin’-Common

  5. Fredrick W. Lee says:

    Ouch, the truth really does hurt. I agree with Robert, Dave could have done without the “N” and “B” words, but he summed up what most people think.