Illdoctrine: In Defense of Charles Hamilton



Jay Smooth sheds some light on the seemingly self-destructive behavior of rapper Charles Hamilton.

“I see a group home kid who became an internet celebrity when he wasn’t ready…”

 – Jay Smooth-



Charles Hamilton The man needs a hug and some understanding. Maybe?

Charles Hamilton The man needs a hug and some understanding. Maybe?


  1. charles hamilton is a straight sucka

  2. Trev Richen says:

    Charles Hamilton isn’t a smart dude. If I was him, I might just stop talking and making music. Dude, Leave J Dilla’s family alone…it aint worth it!!!

  3. I don’t hate him.

  4. Charles Hamilton is to hiphop today, what PM Dawn was to hiphop in the 80’s… we need a new KRS to take him out.

  5. Robert Jr. James McClendon says:

    cenzi, I don’t know this Hamilton person, but I do know that the ignorance KRS-One started when he came on stage and pushed the guy from P.M. DAwn. That was ignorant. Once he did that crap, just like he promoted 9 milli-meters and other “hip-hop” ignorance, people like Tupac thought it was cool to do to Tribe Called Quest. Then the Source Awards ignorance. No, cenzi, we do not need anyone like KRS to promote ignorance, we need high school kids that know how to rap. it’s just that simple – HOW TO RAP. Not do Eminem, Snoop, Dr. Dre, 50, Jay Z, and them crap, I said “RAP”. Thank you!

  6. when comparing the two factions (hamilton vs. dilla/detroit) hamilton needs to fall back, plain and simple. he made a dumb-ass move and should acknowledge it as such.