Why aren’t elderly white males being profiled and called Terrorists?



Why aren’t elderly white males being profiled and called Terrorists?

by Davey D

daveyd-raider2All week there’s been lots of conversation about the rise of right wing  terrorism here in the US. Sadly most of this conversation has been sparked by the recent shooting of Stephen  Johnsby an 88 year old Neo-Nazi named James W. Von Brunn who entered into a Holocaust museum intent on causing carnage. While many of us are outraged by what took place, we have sadly missed some glaring points in our collective discussion.

First glaring point-How in the hell was this Neo-nazi allowed to be still walking around in the first place? Why was he not in jail? Why wasn’t his fellow Neo-Nazis in jail with him? Contrast that with the type of diligence that has been paid to America’s ‘other terrorist group the Black Panthers’  (Former FBI director J Edgar Hoover’s words not mine)

Early this week on Monday in San Francisco, over 300 people gathered in front of the courthouse in San Francisco to protest the jailing of the SF8.  For those unfamiliar these are 8 (now 7 cause one died ) former Black Panthers accused of conspiracy to kill a cop almost 40 years ago.  Initial confessions to this killing were gathered when police detectives tortured two of the defendents . We’re  talking torture far worse than waterboarding. We’re talking cattle prods to the groins. We’re talking being beaten with phone books. We’re talking being suffocated with hot blankets and plastic bags. You name it and it went down until the guys confessed. 

A trial was eventually held until word of the torture came out and the charges were dropped.  But 30 years later, the same detectives accused of torturing these men were promoted to federal law enforcement and were able to travel all across the country and re-arrest folks under conspiracy charges in January of 2007. Bail was set for 3-5 million dollars for each defendent. Last week was a huge demonstration because the state is spending millions to go after these men who are well into their 70s. Read about the torture here http://counterpunch.com/jacobs02082007.html

VonBrunnHow does this relate to Von Brunn? Well where’s the conspiracy charges against him and every other Neo-Nazi and Klansmen who made no bones about their disdain for Blacks, Jews, Gays and now Mexicans crossing the border?  Why was this 88 year old man walking around with a shotgun  in the nation’s capital which is supposed to be on extra high alert for terrorism, while 7 men who don’t run websites and weren’t in organizations that have a history of killing and attacking entire communities of innocent people because of their race? on trial?

 If we were gonna torture confessions out of people, lets ask ourselves how many white supremacists have been tortured till they confessed and gave up information for the tens of thousands of Black men hung on trees for no real crime except for being Black or looking at a white woman? Where’s the torture of white supremacists  till they confessed about the bombings of entire Black sections of town like Tulsa’s Black Wall Street or Rosewood or Black part of Cincinnati? 

Was Von Brunn’s crime somehow related to the horrific crime committed by the white kid named Richard Poplawski  from Stranton Heights which I believe is in Pittsburgh , Pa who woke up and shot and killed  3 police officers?  Was anyone rolling with any of these people, sat down and hemmed in a police station till they confessed?

We ‘re still chasing down the SF 8 but we ‘re not looking to see if there were 5, 6, 7 or 8 people connected to the Holocaust Museum shooting or the police shooting in Pittsburgh even though both perpetrators were known for their White Supremacist connections.

Many right wing extremist are out in the open? Are they being watched and profiled the way the police like to profile Ray Ray and Pookie in our Black neighborhoods?

Many right wing extremist are out in the open? Are they being watched and profiled the way the police like to profile Ray Ray and Pookie in our Black neighborhoods?

I know for many the answer to my question is more than obvious. People have grown cynical over the years so their response to my query is ‘what did you expect?-t’his is Babylon’-America will never serve out true justice?  It doesn’t mean we don’t try. That’s why 300 people were out fighting for the  freedom of the SF8. 

No matter how the wheels of justice work or don’t work here in America we should be directing the discussion around the Rise of Right Wing Domestic Terror?  We can start by calling it Terrorism. We can start by calling the people who committed it terrorists?  We can check to see if entire communities will be profiled. I mean we have entire divisions looking at all muslims and Arabs fearing they may be connected to terrorist cells. Are elderly white males under watch right now? Should we be fearing them?

Yesterday I saw this Holocaust shooting morph into a condemnation of President Obama’s former pastor Jeremiah Wright because he’s supposed to have made some anti-semtic remarks by referring to Obam’as handlers as “jews who are controlling him’ . Thats’ become the discussion. That’s become the source of outrage and not a bunch of idiots running around with swatstikas making fun of and calling for the continuation of Jews to be baked in ovens.

We need to be directing the discussion and asking why are these right wing extremists collecting guns, building compounds, erecting websites and doing radio shows calling for the overthrow of government allowed such freedoms while everyone is under the gun?  I thought the Patriot Act and all this illegal spying Bormer president Bush was doing during his term and is now continuing under president Obama ,was supposed to keep track of the Von Brunns of the world. Apprently these laws seem to only apply to anti-war protestors, left wing organizations like Move On.org , outspoken celebrities like Danny Glover and Sean Penn and of course anyone who is of Arab decent or Muslim?

Again how does a known terrorist like Von Brunn get to walk the streets of America? That’s the 64 thousand dollar question? How does he walk the streets of Washington DC?   You think any of us Black folks who were calling for the overthrow of a ‘Jewish controlled government would even be allowed on a plane? You don’t think they would’ve been check tax records, parking tickets, overdue library book fines etc?

 5 years ago Bay Area rapper Paris found himself on a No Fly list after he spoke out and expressed his opposition to the lead up to the War and what he felt his was really behind the 9-11 attacks.  Paris is a rapper-Not a Neo-Nazis carrying out acts of violence.  I wanna know if Vonn Brunn a convicted felon was on a No Fly list?

I wanna know if Von Brunn was in someone’s data bank  because he was on record saying that the reason he went to jail was because of  a ‘Negro Jury’ was that a threat coming from the mouth of known terrorist? I know if Ray Ray down the street who was arrested for peddeling drugs said some stuff like that he’s have all sorts charges tacked onto his sentence. People on  Ray Ray’s  jury might even get a phone call from concerned law enforcement officials  warning them to watch out..

Why was Randall terry the head of operation rescue allowed to show up at a funeral for abortion doctor George Tiller and talk madness? Isn't that what gang bangers do?

Why was Randall terry the head of operation rescue allowed to show up at a funeral for abortion doctor George Tiller and talk madness? Isn't that what gang bangers do?

What’s also lost in this discussion on the rise of right wing terrorists are incidents involving people like so called Pro-Life advocate Randall Terry showing up at the funeral of slain abortion doctor George Tiller and saying he deserved to die. Was Terry snatched up, put into a room threatened with conspiracy charges until he gave up some names and he pleaded out?  Isn’t that what they do to drug dealers?  Isn’t that what they do in the hood for crimes far less egregious?  Why does TV commentator Bill O’Reilly who was on air egging on the situation and damn near calling for Tillers execution still has his job. How and why?

3 Days after the 9-11 attacks  I interviewed my Congresswoman Barbara Lee on my Clear Channel radio show about her lone No vote to George Bush’s call to war and I haven’t been inside a commercial station since.  I was unceremoniously let go. I known guys who have gone on air and played the wrong record who were bounced out. Here in the Bay Area wew had a popular DJ who left his mic open while commercial were on. People heard him curse. He came back apologized and was gone the next day. Meanwhile this O’reilly can call for the death of someone have it happne and he’s still be praised and paid? Why is that?  He can keep his job even though he had sexual harrasment charges levied against him?

Lets raise all these questions and more. We did in this two part interview with Sarah Robinson a reporter who’se expertise is the Rise of Right wing terrorism here in the US..

peace out for now

-Davey D-

Here are the two part interviews with Sarah Robinson about the rise of Domestic Terrorism



  1. Mr. Detroit says:

    Davey be careful what you wish for sir. That is precisely what the powers that be intended to do all along with the so called war on terror. TO MAKE THE AMERICAN PEOPLE THE TRUE TARGET. That was the ultimate goal all along have you read the MIAC and Homeland security reports that state that gun owners and returning veterans are the real tartgets of the war on terror. So be careful because soon we will all be labeled terrorists. You support convictions in the oscar granbt case right? Therefore you would be considered a terrorist because you want justice and you protested the government. No one should be labeled a terrorist they should be labeled old white nut jobs and criminals thats it. Because at this rate we can ask the question why arent the police that assaulted the EMT worker not being labeled terrorists?

  2. mr detroit incase u haven’t noticed this profiling has been going on unchecked and with devastating results in many communities for many years. Cointel-pro which destroyed the panthers and every other civil rights org never stopped. It never stopped inspite our objections..

    So right now AMERICANS have been the target and continue to be.. The only ones not under the gun are elderly white males-many of who made these rules in the first place..

  3. Robert Jr. James McClendon says:

    Why? Because our grandparents who were apart of the first American terroristic organization in America would be profiled. And we can’t have white people being profiled just for being members of the Ku Klux Klna can we? Weren’t they heroes in that great American movie – The Birth of A Nation? Racsim sucks, but it will only gets better once they pay reparations. White people don’t understand anything unless it affects their pockets. Reparations util the wheels fall off!!! Remember, Jazz and Rap were started by Black people in America for Black people in America, but the Klan was started by “your” grandparents – you people owe us!!!